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Durham DSS braces for worst amid shutdown

Posted October 10, 2013
Updated October 11, 2013

— The Durham County Social Services Department said Thursday it plans to ask county commissioners for $235,000 to keep limited federally funded programs running during the ongoing government shutdown.

Director Michael Becketts said the county's most vulnerable people are among those hardest hit by the shutdown.

Meals on Wheels, Work First and in-home care for the elderly have already been suspended, and childcare services could be next if the impasse in Washington continues.

At a news conference Thursday, Becketts warned people about the potential trouble ahead.

"The reason that this is important is to really let the community know that something may come that’s going to affect their lives," he said. "We want to let them know that right now because we don’t think it’s fair for us to be planning to turn something off if we have to – not because we want to – and then a drop a ball and tell people that they've got to stop doing something tomorrow."

DSS suspends services due to shutdown Shutdown forces Durham DSS to suspend services

Robert Myers said his family could lose its grip if a deal isn't reached soon. He and his girlfriend depend on subsidies to pay for childcare while they are at work.

"It means a lot to me. I just recently got a job,"  he said. 

Without the subsidies, "somebody is going to have to cut days of work, meaning less money in the house and (making it) harder for bills to get paid," Myers said. 

Becketts said he hopes it doesn't come to that.

"The one that causes us all to shudder is the potential of having to suspend childcare services," he said.


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  • Paidforalittlewhile Oct 14, 2013

    Okay all you "unemployed" republican voters as well as other republican voters.....the blood is on your hands...you are starving these children to death. Sleep well tonight.

  • Raleighlocal Oct 11, 2013

    Yeah theblazer---we really should make it harder for struggling parents to hold onto their jobs, because that will teach them a lesson. Seriously? Do you not see your own glaring hypocrisy here?

  • llf Oct 11, 2013

    Who are you to judge.....You will never know another person struggle. You do not know what this person may have gone thru and if he is doing his best or not. I remember a time where my spouse and I were laid off from different companies at the same time. We took jobs that were paying well under what we were use to getting, because we had a family and needed to work. Its easy to judge a book by its cover, but w/o turning the pages you really do not know a thing. The nerves.

  • lopo Oct 11, 2013

    I'm I just being old fashioned but what ever happen to family planning instead, heck the government will support me.

  • theblazer Oct 11, 2013

    The Koch brothers are rubbing their greedy hands together and saying "Muahaha, just according to plan.." Criminal.

    Watch a little too much Ed Shultz?

  • babbs1028 Oct 11, 2013

    Please help the elderly...without Meals on Wheels many of our seniors are going with out food. If you know someone who uses Meals on Wheels (or who doesn't) please think about dropping off a casserole or a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread. This shut down effects everyone, not just the young!

  • theblazer Oct 11, 2013

    That guy in the picture looks so concerned.
    He needs to go find another job to help support the people he is concerned about (if he even has one) , because frankly Im tired of paying for it.

  • nuts4u Oct 11, 2013

    Can not afford to pay for child care or can not afford to have a parent stay home with the child ? Simple fix DON'T have any MORE kids.

  • Tax Man Oct 11, 2013

    What is the federal government doing for state/local social services? Our federal tax dollars should not be going to states welfare programs. We need to cut, cut, cut all this out of the federal budget and only use federal funds to take care of mandatory federal matters like national defense and border patrol. No wonder we are broke. Each state and charities need to take care of social services, welfare, food stamps etc.

  • davido Oct 11, 2013

    The Koch brothers are rubbing their greedy hands together and saying "Muahaha, just according to plan.." Criminal.