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Durham dries out after storm deluge

Posted July 22, 2014

Nana's Restaurant in Durham. Photo: Mike Benson

Some Durham business owners and residents spent Tuesday drying out from damage caused by flash flooding during Monday’s heavy rain.

“You can see now it’s all dried out,” Richard Pressinger said, showing the opening of the crawl space under his Forest Hills Park home.

Monday’s rains deluged his side yard. He took a video of his wife wading nearly knee-deep, just to make a point of how high the water was.

The water receded, but it left behind soggy grass and water-logged appliances.

“It's come up at least one-third of the air conditioning unit,” Pressinger said.

Flooding also caused problems for Scott Howell, who owns several properties on University Drive, including Nana's restaurant.

Howell said he’s done his part to fix the flooding problem by repairing the drainage pipes on his property.

“I am so frustrated that it doesn't help to get angry,” he said. “I had to fix my building. I've done everything in the world that I could do to these buildings.”

Two years and $150,000 later, Howell says the North Carolina Department of Transportation has yet to do its part.

A DOT spokesman said the department was just recently told work on the pipes had taken place. Once the work is verified, the state and city will work on a plan to get the pipes hooked into a culvert. There’s no timetable for when the work will be done.


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