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Durham deputy resigns after assault arrest

Posted April 5, 2012

— A Durham County deputy resigned Tuesday, 10 days after he was arrested during a domestic dispute at his home, authorities said Thursday.

Cpl. Larry Kelly had been with the Durham County Sheriff's Office for 13 years.

Durham police arrested Kelly, 42, at his home on March 24 and charged him with two counts of assault on a female.

The sheriff's office immediately placed him on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an internal investigation of the incident, authorities said.


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  • not my real name Apr 10, 2012

    Well at least he didn't shoot her with his service revolver..

  • jjsmith1973 Apr 6, 2012

    How much more does the public need to know about how corrupt and unprofessional the office of the peace have become. Just stories in the last two months would go well over the comment limit. Like I said those are the ones we know of. Not to mention the stories still coming out about state police even after "the big shake up" by the governor after all the bad work there. Something in the system is broken, screening process for these jobs, training, reporting system withing the department so the few good officers can get ride of the bad, even the organization(sbi) that investigates abuse, corruption, unprofessional conduct has been under investigation from the attorney General of the state for falsifying evidence. So a corrupt governing body investigates another corrupt governing body. It is easier to get ride of a poor politician in this state than a bad cop, judge, or da. Does that not concern people? It does me.

  • jjsmith1973 Apr 6, 2012

    For the comments he is only human. These seem to be the same people had it been anyone but a officer would have been for lock him up and throw away the key. If I ever find myself in a situation to defend in a court of law. I will be sure to use the, I'm only human defense because we know in North Carolina it works so well to have an actual defense that proves your innocences let alone the I'm only human defense. When these same officers in courts word are the end all be all of what you did and what happened even if it is incorrect or fabricated. So many law enforcement get in trouble in this area. Yet their word in court is held with so much weight. That is exactly why people are speaking out

  • jjsmith1973 Apr 6, 2012

    Deathrow: one need I say much due to your choice of screen handle. Two midnight yes, because that is when I get off of work from my job. Keeping an eye on me not likely they are to busy goofing off and acting unprofessional. Of course you got to assume given the time I must be up to no good. Instead off getting off work and getting items before I go to military duty for the weekend. As for a few bad apples, sorry but it has became an excuse that doesn't work any longer. A few has turned into a lot and often. I have never seen anything like it. These are the ones we hear about. How about the ones we don't.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 6, 2012

    jjsmith1973: "If you want to see the circus of cops there. Go to sheets on the corner of t.w. Alexander and Miami Blvd at about midnight. You can watch their unprofessional behavior."

    At midnight? I guess they are there keeping an eye on you.

  • Journey985 Apr 6, 2012

    "HE'S ONLY HUMAN BY THE WAY, GIVE HIM A BREAK." - I am so tired of this argument,or the "it's just a few bad apples" one, these men are TRAINED in the law, SWORN to uphold the law and when they break that LAW they need to be treated more harshly then John Q. Public because of the training they have received. How many people have been told that their reason for breaking the law is "not an excuse", well stop excusing these LEO's from their actions. The fact that he is a LEO and I am sure has responded to many a Domestic call makes him worse than other offenders because he as a LEO KNOWS 9or should know) better!

  • jonesd02 Apr 6, 2012

    Cpl. Kelly was an excellent officer, who helped me and others I know on LOTS of occasions. He was very nice, and smart. I think he just had an argument with his wife, like alot of us do. HE'S ONLY HUMAN BY THE WAY, GIVE HIM A BREAK.

  • Journey985 Apr 6, 2012

    "Its very easy for a significant other to make false claims against a LEO" - Um, if the claim was false then why would he need to resign? You might want to rethink that statement. As for "typical LEO", it's true, I don't think there has been a week this year that we have not read about some LEO breaking the law. This is not just a "few bad apples", this is a rotten to the core bushel! It's time we the public demand accountability, otherwise there can never be any respect for the LE angencies in this state.

  • ThePhwner Apr 6, 2012

    Becoming a cop doesn't change the fact that people are people, and despite the fact that most cops are good people (as are most civilians), some are j3rks and do bad things. Shame on any of you using this as a soapbox to make generalizations about police as the result of this loser's off-duty actions. Talk all the trash you want, but if you ever really needed help, I'm guessing you wouldn't even hesitate before you called 911.

  • Scubagirl Apr 6, 2012

    for those of you saying 'typical LEO' (pbsm & monca)I believe you are BOTH wrong. The good that LEOs do often does NOT get into the news because it's not an attention grabber. The bad ones ARE attention grabbers therefore that's what you read about most.
    When 'bad' stories are printed about a particular race if folks said 'typical ______' folks, INCLUDING pbsm & monca, would be all over them for generalizing. How's that work for ya'll?