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Durham County Deputies Nab Deadbeat Parents

Posted June 22, 2007
Updated June 23, 2007

— Durham County Sheriff's deputies rounded up dozens of parents this week wanted on charges of failure to pay child support.

Officers arrested 63 people who owed more than $300,000 combined in back child support, authorities said. One man accounted for about half of that amount.

He is being held in the Durham County Jail on a $170,000 bond.


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  • imanut Jun 24, 2007

    Junitasweb.. not sure where you are living but I have to disagree with your statements of most women only keeping the children for the financial support. I am not sure how luxuriously one would live with an additional $80-$600 a month but just the mere suggestion is totally laughable to me. (i know there are those that get more, but just throwing a number out there.)

    I am glad your bills are no higher with kids, but as a married women with two young boys I have to say that, yes, we require a bigger home, a bigger grocery bill, more electricity for things such as washing their clothes, bathings, lights, educational materials, gas to take them to and from school, activities, medical care, etc. It all adds up. How do you manage to still live like your are single with no additional costs of raising children? Its nice to hear that you didn't try to destroy your x but he should feel responsible for their care enough to HELP support them on a regular basis and not just when you ask. :)

  • imanut Jun 24, 2007

    Steve Crisp.. I agree to an extent, but what about the mother.. is she not held accountable as well? It takes two to make a baby, why in your mind should only one support it? If a family splits and that dad ends up with the kids the mother should be just as responsible in their care as the father. Sadly, the days of June and Ward Clever are over. Our society and economy has taken care of that. You don't see many divorce cases ending up with the children with the father and mother paying child support.. if you do, there is usually a very good reason. As a mother I would never dream of trying to get off the hook in helping provide care and financial support for my children regardless of the situation. I brought them into this world, I will make sure that they are provided for until the time comes they can provide for themselves (adulthood).

  • imanut Jun 24, 2007

    To the truama nurse that pays taxes.. you think your husband is a slug for TAKING child support from you? Don't you think you should help with the support of raising YOUR children? I assure you full custody will be a lot more than $400 a month and one last thing, stay at home moms don't sit around and do NOTHING. That stigma is old, I guess the kids feed, clothe, and take care of themselves? The home cleans itself? The errands and chores do themselves as well? If that's the case there would be more people staying at home. If you have to work three jobs just to make ends meet and you are complaining about having to help "support" your other children, perhaps it would have been best to wait a bit longer to bring that new baby into the world. If you work 3 jobs.. who mothers that one?

  • ImJustSayin Jun 24, 2007

    I guess I got off light...
    My ex used the time I was stationed in Germany as seperation (never said anything about a divorce until I got housing and called to tell them to get the movers ready). I only pay 400 a month. The only time I've been behind is when I changed jobs. I paid her directly instead of having her wait for my check to go to the state and then from the state to her. I did what I thought was right all the way down the line. SO...out of the blue the state summons me to court for not paying child support. I show them receipts from the ex showing I pay her. Instead of dismissing the case, I had to pay an extra 260 bucks for the privilidge of going to court and being served...plus my former bride has to wait longer for the check because I was ordered to send the money to the state (something that was not mandated in the divorce decree). Guess they were missing that 4 bucks every month from me....

  • rntrauma Jun 24, 2007

    I am divorced, and I am fighting to gain custody of my kids. Yes, I am a female that pays child support to my ex husband, who has the kids. I have been to court, but don't have the money for a lawyer, because I have to work 3 jobs, to make ends meet, PLUS I have a great new husband, and we have a baby, our marriage is great, except we don't have any extra money because of the child support I pay to my ex, while he works,and his new wife gets to stay at home and do nothing. I agree with Mr. Crisp: a man who has to take money from a woman is nothing but a slug! I have yet to find a lawyer who will take my case pro bono...I make sure I pay my child support on time...but I think the system needs improvement. Thank you! Carol Bullard, Registered Nurse, taxpaying citizen, registered voter, hard working employee that does NOT take handouts.

  • knbwz Jun 23, 2007

    I do agree that support of a child is necessary, but our system is awful, I have to pay support for two children, one in which the "young lady" told me she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend and she was getting a abortion and then I get a order for support 5 yrs later and the second "young lady" tells me she is pregnant and gives the child my middle and last name w/o my consent or even asking me how I felt about it oh and I got a order of support 4 yrs later from her even though she never said that she was pregnant by me (we were not in a relationship)...I know it takes two to tangle but give me a break........

  • Steve Crisp Jun 23, 2007

    A person is not hauled off to jail for owing child support. That would be imprisonment for a debt which is a violation of law. A person is hauled off to jail for violating a court order of which payment of child support is generally but one facet of that order. That same person will be hauled off if they refuse to give the kids back when the other spouse comes to pick them up, not for kidnapping, but for contempt of a judical order.

    What I have always told people who are mandated to pay child support is to get one payment ahead. That way if there is an error in the support withholding, you do not go to jail. You have time to address the issue with the company withholding your money or the court for not applying that payment properly.

    Remember, though, it is not the responsibility of your employer to pay your child support; it is your responsibility to make sure it is paid properly and on time.

  • shep8851 Jun 23, 2007

    diwanicki: it would be logical to assume that with the proof of payment, it would not have been a problem. However, the court would not accept any explanation--regardless of who was offering one. The fact was, as far as the court was concerned, that the payment had not been made ( proof notwithstanding), and that was the end of that song. I had to make a second payment. As I stated earlier--there is more than a little of the draconian mentality involved in the CSE ( Child Support Enforcement) program. For example--locking someone up in jail until they pay the required support. Excuse me, but if the guy/girl is in jail, how are they supposed to be able to work to get the money to pay the back support?? As I said earlier, someone oweing $100,000. or so should be locked up. But, how many of the people arrested here were in a situation like mine??

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Jun 23, 2007

    by the way I meant "their"

  • readyforgodswilltobedone Jun 23, 2007

    I know first hand that not having child support can lead to a huge problem... I have twins now and guess what there father doesn't pay the 600 a month. So he can work, but I have to pay for 2 daycare bills while he takes care of his new baby.
    I say lock them up... It take two to have a child and it should take two to take care of them whether female or male.
    I have to chose not having food for my kids so that we can have lights, water and a roof over our head.