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Durham County approves pet-tethering ban

Posted September 8, 2008

— Durham County commissioners voted four to one in favor of a pet-tethering ban Monday evening.

Under the ban, chaining a dog outside is considered animal abuse in most cases. Exceptions to the proposed law include veterinarians who are treating an animal and those training hunting and police dogs.

Violators who leave dogs unattended will face fines and could lose their animals if they can't find another way to contain them.

Last week, nearly 150 residents attended a public hearing on the law, the majority appearing to favor outlawing pet-tethering.

The law can to be after a two-year study found a majority of animal cruelty complaints were related to improper tethering.

The ban goes into effect Jan. 1, 2010.


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  • orange dude Sep 9, 2008

    ...and while they have ya'll worried about the dogs, they are sneaking in a 1% tax on prepared foods, ie. eating out. Good diversion!

  • Sin Amor Sep 9, 2008

    The idea of preventing dogs from spending 99% of their lives chained to a tree is a wonderful idea. However, does this apply to dogs on a "run"? (A line set up between two trees/posts that the dog is attached to, where he can still run around and not be set in one place) I keep my dog inside all the time anyway, but I don't think that a dog on a "run" line is a bad thing.

  • nodoginthisfight Sep 9, 2008

    In Orange Co. the bleeding hearts at least offered to go around building fences for those who couldn't afford them. I guess the libs. in Durham didn't "really " care that much about the animals after all. Has anyone ever seen a cat successfully fenced?

  • chrislherring Sep 9, 2008

    Couple of points:
    1. Pet supply companies make and sell tether devices and sell these items at local stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Ace Hardware, and Dollar General...but no one in these counties can purchase one? That makes no sense, if something is illegal how can it still be readily available? Many people will still purchase tethering items not knowing they are illegal to use.Gosh I hope they don't ban Big Macs in this county, I'd hate to leave the drive through, pull out my Big Mac and get a ticket for buying it!
    2. Tethering is one of the most inexpensive means of animal containment, so is this law effectively aimed at eliminating the poorer segment of society from pet ownership?
    3. According to the report tethering animals was often linked to other types of abuses, such as inadequete shelter, food, water, or medical condition...these are seperate issues from tethering and should have been dealt with seperately.

    Durham County, this was not the solution...

  • readme Sep 9, 2008

    What a complete joke. Wake up people and start voting for policies and politicians that favor smaller government, not larger. Don't accept big brother into your lives unless you have to. Once he's there, you can't get him out.

  • u_mad Sep 9, 2008

    I can see accepting the law for dogs tied up 24/7, but most dogs that are tied up are only temporarily there. I guess it's a good time to get into the fencing business!

  • oneday8035 Sep 9, 2008

    This seems a little extreme to me. There are those that will abuse everything that end up making things harder for those that don't. My neighbors have a boxer that jumps the fence so they have to hook her to a tether so keep her safe. They only leave her on it long enough for her to go to the bathroom. They have a gate at the top of their deck stairs so they leave her up there with the gate closed after she does her thing. Why is this so bad and soon illegal? Maybe there will be some leeway for situations like this??

  • Ajay F.S. Sep 9, 2008

    I don't like to see a dog chained, but there are times when it is temporarily necessary. When my son lived in Greensboro, he would come home some weekends and bring his dog with him. Our backyard is fenced in for our doberman who is not very socially acceptable of other dogs and is never tethered. My son's dog spent most of the time in the house, but there were a few times we "tethered" him in the side yard. To me, this was better than letting him run loose and better than putting him in the backyard with a dog much bigger and aggressive than him. Again, this was probably only for an hour or two at a time, a couple of weekends a month.

  • PikeMom2bsure Sep 9, 2008

    The ban goes into effect Jan. 1, 2010.

    WHAT? Why not in 30 days.That would give the poor folks enough time to make arrangements.2010 is crazy!!!!

  • 68_polara Sep 9, 2008

    Does this make dog runs illegal too? They are a great way for a house dog to get exercise. Oh, well big brother thinks it knows best.