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Durham clears officers in alleged beating of student

Posted April 28, 2010

— An internal investigation into the January arrest of a student found no wrongdoing on the part of two Durham police officers, Police Chief Jose Lopez said Wednesday.

The officers went to EDGE Training and Placement on Jan. 19 to arrest Andre Bond, 17, on a failure to appear warrant from an August 2009 case involving a resisting arrest charge, police said. The EDGE program targets students who have been in trouble and tries to give them an education.

EDGE executive director Fran Alexander said she saw the officers throw Bond against her SUV so hard that it left a dent and then throw him to the ground in front of the school.

Lopez said a group of students surrounded the officers during the incident and yelled at them. Investigators determined that Bond tried to run from the officers and tried to grab one of their guns during the arrest, he said.

The officers "used a lot of restraint" in the incident, Lopez said, adding that Alexander and other EDGE officials didn't see "the totality of the event."

Bond was charged with assaulting a government official and resisting a public officer in connection with the incident.


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  • cj Apr 28, 2010

    None of us where there to see the incident, so why do some assume that the "cops" are always the bad guy? They have a extremely hard job to do and we, the public, don't make it any easier. Anyone who thinks that the officers did the wrong thing, take the BLET classes and become a cop and see how you handle cases just like this one. Things happen that the public doesn't know and witnesses don't always see everything.

  • Blue Shirt Apr 28, 2010

    When an offender or inmate resists there is a use of force to achieve the objective. Ungrateful people should be happy some put it on the line for society.

  • thepeopleschamp Apr 28, 2010

    "I'm sure this kid went for the cops gun?! That's the oldest cop-lie in the World. And the original charge, ‘Resisting Arrest?! Again, a cop lie! These two trained, grown men had to use that much force?" whoman

    Tell us all how you would handle a suspect who refuses to comply with being handcuffed when ordered to do so???

  • Nunya123 Apr 28, 2010

    Too bad all of you "witnesses" didn't come forward to help convict these bad bad officers. This nice little boy was on his way to help the elderly (seperate them from their money, probably) when he was so badly abused. If his parents had taught him right from wrong in the first place...... Hats off to the officers.

  • WhoMan Apr 28, 2010

    Internl Investigation?!! What did you expect? Everyone's talking about AZ, worried about Marshall Law, well IT'S HERE! I'm sure this kid went for the cops gun?! That's the oldest cop-lie in the World. And the original charge, ‘Resisting Arrest?! Again, a cop lie! These two trained, grown men had to use that much force? I guess they are not as trained as they should've been. Whatever happened to 'Protect and Serve"? I guess it just got changed to protect and serve themselves, not the public.

  • TANASIAS MOMMIE1 Apr 28, 2010

    i undertand that the offiers where doing their job... we all know in some cases not all but most offiers sometimes take their job to the head.. i'm sure there was another way to handle this situation... like maybe getting to the school in time before class change or school release talk to the director and have them call the young man to the office and serve him his papers and then arrest him. the other student's didnt know what was going on and assume the officers where in the wrong just because they werent sure of what was going on and we all have been young once to where we thought we knew everything and didnt know nothing...the comment about hoodlum high was uncaused for i'm sure if this students didnt want another chance they would rather not go to the school but from the looks of it they go because they want to better their lifes.. so with that said who's to judge this situation no one..

  • Hans Apr 28, 2010

    "Who you gonna believe?"

    And that's exactly what the dirty cops are counting on.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Apr 28, 2010

    They came to the correct conclusion. Its easy to bash the police when YOU don't have to deal with what they deal with daily. Plus, its a program for troubled youth. Who you gonna believe?

  • winfieldchem Apr 28, 2010

    Unfortunately; too many people think the police should just say pretty please, will you come along to jail. They then get upset when police do what they have to to arrest hoods. When they are assulted by a hood they are surprised at how viscious hoods are to their victims. When you try to grab a policeman's gun, you are giving him an important message. You are telling him that you will kill him if given the opportunity. If someone is trying to kill you, how gently are you going to handle him? I would make sure him can do my no harm as quickly as possible. I value my life. Do you value your life? Do you not expect the policeman to value his own life? Get real people.

  • freedomrings Apr 28, 2010

    Wasn't there. Didn't see it. I've seen arresting officers use excessive force and I've seen the accused try and assault officers. Tough one to make a call on. I just hope the kid gets his life straightened out.