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Durham church prepares thousands of meals for the hungry

Posted July 27, 2013

— Celebrating their church’s 39th anniversary, members of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Durham gathered Saturday to prepare 10,000 meals that will be delivered to developing countries.

“When you think about helping others...that's our mission. That's what Jesus calls us to do,” said volunteer Stavian Harrison.

Church members joined forces Saturday with “Stop Hunger Now,” an international organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other aid to countries around the world.

The program allows volunteers the opportunity to package dehydrated meals that are used in crisis situations, school feeding programs and orphanages in developing countries.

"Our statistics show that every person in the world could have 4.3 pounds of food per day, but it's a distribution problem and an apathy problem,” said Shawn Fischer with Stop Hunger Now.

Each bag of food prepared by members of Peace Missionary Baptist Church feeds 6 people. The bags are shipped to orphanages and schools in developing countries. More than 1 million meals have been delivered to more than 72 countries.

"I hope that my son will see the love and the energy that is here today and know that just 2 hours a day can make a difference in someone's life,” said volunteer Melinda Squires-Nelson.



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  • gabrielbigg99 Jul 30, 2013

    in this country no one knows what is really hungry, here in this country no one goes hungry

  • ThaTruth4 Jul 29, 2013

    At 1st I was gonna say that they should focus on their own country, but I'm sure if they're doing this for another country, then they're also doing this for their community!!!...Right??!? Well, hopefully they are. I've always said that whenever I hit the lottery (or become a little wealthier), that I'm gonna support a family/children in need, get in some kinda organization. I couldn't have all of that money knowing that there's lots of ppl in need.

  • mike275132 Jul 29, 2013

    "Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Durham gathered Saturday to prepare 10,000 meals that will be delivered to developing countries."

    Thankfully, due to this Booming Obama Economy where no one in the USA is Unemployed or needs food, we can send it offshore

    Especially not in Durham..

  • ncveteranswife Jul 29, 2013

    michaelclay: Maybe the Church should have WRAL do another story so we can see where the Church has given 10,000 meals out on the streets of Durham, Raleigh, Cary, etc and to the homeless here on the streets and to those at the shelters.

  • michaelclay Jul 29, 2013

    ncveteranswife, you are exactly right, so why make mention of what you think they are not doing in their community if you don't know. Simply ask them and again, you may be surprised.

  • ncveteranswife Jul 29, 2013

    michaelclay: The story was not about what the Church was doing here, in the Community. There was no mention of that, only 10,000 meals going to "developing countries", which I disagree with and would not be involved in that type of mission UNTIL we take care of our own here in the US FIRST.

  • michaelclay Jul 29, 2013

    Disabled Vet, kitelover110 and ncveteranswife, this story was about what this church is doing to help one group. Why don't you ask the members of the church what they are doing for their community before you jump to conclusions, you might be surprised.

  • superflames Jul 29, 2013

    What a great effort these folks are putting out. Great job! This will also teach their young people about service. I commend this church wholeheartedly.

    1 thought about overseas food aid: often dictators and warlords confiscate aid and keep it for themselves and use it against the people. Consider Zimbabwe and North Korea. I agree we should still help those countries though, if they want our genetically modified foods.

    1 thought about hungry school aged children: many are fed twice a day with school provided meals (breakfast and lunch), paid for by our tax dollars.

  • ncveteranswife Jul 29, 2013

    I agree with Disabled Vet & kitelover110. This Church should be helping it's own. I'm sure there are some in the Community that are doing without. The US already send tons of money to these "developing countries".

  • kitelover110 Jul 29, 2013

    I thoroughly agree with Disabled Vet. There are so many people in the Triangle area who go hungry every day - especially the school aged children this time of year. Why not expend some of this effort to aid the people locally who are in need. Guess some of the "church people" feel that they are not helping unless it is far away from their own backyard.