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Durham Bulls canine mascot missing

Posted July 14, 2013
Updated July 15, 2013

— Deuce, one of the Durham Bulls' canine mascots that run victory laps the bases at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park after a win, is missing.

Owner, Gene Lonsway, of Chapel Hill Boarding Kennel, said Monday that Deuce and his littermate, Ace, were being loaded into his car after Saturday night's game when a fireworks show started, catching him and the dogs off guard.

Unable to grab both of the dogs, Deuce panicked and was last seen running toward Chapel Hill.

"It's just really terrifying knowing my boy is out there lost," said Lonsway. "

Lonsway said he searched for an hour around Durham but didn't spot Deuce, and that since then there have been no other sightings of the dog.

He said he is hopeful that the dog will be found.

"I'm very optimistic that Deuce is in somebody's home, and they just haven't figured out how to get him back to where he belongs yet."

Anyone with any information about Deuce's whereabouts is asked to call Lonsway at 919-968-3647.


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  • mudfilter Jul 17, 2013

    A kennel owner? The dog's owner? And doesn't realize ahead of time about fireworks noise? No leashes? I'd never take my dogs to this kennel based on this event of losing his own dog. If that's all he knows then how does he handle his customers' dogs? Has he lost any of them before? I hope this dog is found. This is absolutely unbelievable and could've been avoided. Stupid, real stupid on his part.

  • 03Arabian Jul 15, 2013

    This is very sad and unfortunately the stadium is next to a major hwy. Hope the dog is found alive and well..Mine have never been afraid of fireworks but I know my neighbors dogs panic every year.

  • 2xMom Jul 15, 2013

    No matter how well trained, a dog should always be leashed, especially around crowds & loud noises simply because trained or not you can't predict their behavior. Poor puppy. We love watching him. Hope he's found & safe soon.

  • Scubagirl Jul 15, 2013

    agree w/ both......this really should NEVER have happened. Kennels have to KNOW dogs are afraid of fireworks, handlers have to KNOW dogs are afraid of fireworks......

    WHY DIDN'T they? just sayin....

  • Obamacare rules Jul 15, 2013

    Poor dog. How irresponsible and certainly bad PR for this kennel.

  • country4ever Jul 15, 2013

    REALLY...REALLY!!! Who doesn't know that dogs are afraid of fireworks and should be contained on a leash or NOT even around them. Hope Deuce is found soon. :(