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Durham asks state for money to fix potholes

Posted June 22, 2010

— Durham leaders on Monday night agreed to ask the state for a bond referendum to borrow money to fix roads plagued by potholes.

The referendum would raise about $20 million for 325 miles of Durham's worst roads.

If the state grants it, the issue would go before voters in November.


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  • enigma1469 Jun 23, 2010

    Go downtown and look at the street projects going on. The stop light at Duke and Main Street worked fine, but the city is installing new signals so the area would look better.

  • ContinuityMan Jun 22, 2010

    Why not waste taxpayers' money building the ballpark and performing arts center? The State will come to the rescue and fix their neglected roads or risk being called racists.

  • ORMA Jun 22, 2010

    Absolutely ridiculous. Maybe the people managing the money should go back to elementary school math class and learn how to add and subtract again. They apparently don't get the concept. No money means no money.

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Jun 22, 2010

    Now maybe you can understand my handle... Highest tax rate and they still don't have enough??? For what ???? I mean I wish I had pot holes, how about coming and paving my State road its 2010.

  • tommys5 Jun 22, 2010

    Are we living out Alice in Wonderland? What is up is down and what is down is up..................

  • ccs1920 Jun 22, 2010

    Durham has a history of electing people than arn't qualified for the position. I don't think that we will see this change anytime soon. tgentry1005 wrote that Durham is becoming another Detroit. He, or she, is right in more ways than one.

  • tgentry1005 Jun 22, 2010

    Durham leaders can find money for DBAT, DPAC, new buses (that few ride), new bus barn, parking decks, many other new buildings, new vehicles in the City fleet, stupid speed bumps, loans to bad developers but they ignore streets. Seems like very poor management and leadership to me. Most of this stuff does little for us who have to pay for it. Now they want more taxes PLUS upping all other fees not included in taxes. I am against giving them one red cent until they show they can manage our tax money. Durham is becoming another Detroit..... A tax hole with no responsible management!!!

  • 68_polara Jun 22, 2010

    In 2005 voters passed $18.5 million in bonds to be used for street and side walk improvements and again in 2007 $20 million more for more street and side walk improvements. Now look where we are. We are still paying for those bonds today.

  • theradiator25 Jun 22, 2010

    Sorry Durham, the state's broke.

  • Mugu Jun 22, 2010

    They should ask Arizona for a loan.