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Dunn man charged in fatal hit-and-run

Posted April 28, 2009

— Police on Tuesday arrested a Dunn man in connection with a fatal hit-and-run in Raleigh on Sunday night.

Gavin Clifford Hawk, 28, of 713-A Peace St., was charged with felony hit-and-run in the death of Ian Kristopher Quick.

Police said Quick, 25, died when an SUV struck his mo-ped on eastbound Interstate 40 at Gorman Street in Raleigh.

Publicity about the search for a yellow Nissan Xterra with front-end damage led to a tip that resulted in Hawk's arrest, police said.

Hawk was taken to WakeMed Tuesday evening after he slit his wrist, a supervisor on duty at the Wake County Jail said. His condition was not released.

The Raleigh Times, where Quick worked, was closed for lunch Tuesday, as staff, family and friends gathered instead to remember him.

The restaurant held a fundraiser in Quick's honor Tuesday night.


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  • jaywinfrey Apr 29, 2009

    thanks for all the hard work RPD. we will miss SpyK and his chimichangas and hackey-sack throw-downs in front of the Times.

    to the culprit...you've taken a part of my life away that will never fill. i hate you for that, but i hope you learn and grow from your mistake. SpyK wouldn't be angry...he'd challenge you to a battle of wits or just smile and brush it all off. his mother, not so much. be ready in court...she's not taking this lightly.

  • White Devil Apr 29, 2009

    "No, you can't check for Xterras that begin with "YSS"." Hey, RPD07, you can check makes/models with partial tags. I do it all the time. Why don't you check your facts before you spout off about something you seem to know little about. Judging by your name, you present yourself as a cop . . . not a very knowledgeable one, I might add.

  • are you kidding me Apr 28, 2009

    Give them time, they will get this person, just a matter of time.

  • RPD07 Apr 28, 2009

    No, you can't check for Xterras that begin with "YSS". Plus, how good is the witness? Many times people mix letter up. The majority of times that a person calls in a tag, it comes back as non existent meaning that either the person saw it wrong it it was miscommunicated. Just because you see it on TV doesn't mean it is real life.....

  • TStills Apr 28, 2009

    Its "restaurant" not "restuarant".

    Shame about that kid. Hope they catch the person(s) who did it.

  • sprice7 Apr 28, 2009

    The original story was not very clear, but I don't think he was on the interstae (I-440) when he was hit. I think that is just where the car was last spotted - turning on to 440. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • canes7 Apr 28, 2009


  • ncsudan Apr 28, 2009

    Even though the mo-ped was operating illegally on the interstate, the officials have no choice but to press hit-and-run charges against this driver. If they were not drunk, speeding, etc. then if they stopped, they should/could have avoided any penalties for an ACCIDENT. But now, who knows why they fled? Drunk, etc. Sad story all around. Sad.

  • caesarrodney1980 Apr 28, 2009

    Can't DMV run a database search to find Xterras with license numbers beginning with YSS? They show this on CSI and Without a trace don't they?