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Duke, UNC Murder Suspect's Probation Officer Has Criminal Record

Posted March 25, 2008
Updated March 26, 2008

— The probation officer for a 17-year-old charged in the homicides of two local college students has a criminal record, according to Keith Acree, spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Correction.

Records show Laurence Alvin Lovette's probation officer, Chalita Nicole Thomas, had several criminal charges filed against her, including driving while impaired, carrying a concealed weapon and speeding.

Lovette, of Durham, is charged with one count of murder and one count of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the Jan. 18 slaying of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato.

He also faces a first-degree murder charge in the March 5 shooting death of Eve Carson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's student body president.

At the time of his arrest on March 13, Lovette was on probation for a pair of crimes he committed last November. He received a two-year suspended sentence for misdemeanor larceny and breaking and entering and was placed on probation Jan. 16.

Robert L. Guy, director of the Department of Correction's Division of Community Corrections, told WRAL last week that during the six-week period from Mahato's to Carson's deaths, a probation officer made telephone contact with Lovette but never saw him outside of court.

Lovette is in jail under a $3 million bond in Mahato's death. He is being held without bond in Carson's death.


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  • billy Mar 27, 2008

    If a person doesn't do her/his job they should be fired.
    If a person commits a crime, like falsifying records, they should be arrested.
    This is a government job.
    Either treat everyone fairly, or just let everyone do whatever they want.
    One or the other.

  • Stephen Mar 27, 2008

    "Duke, UNC Murder Suspect's Probation Officer Has Criminal Record"

    ...yeah, and a lot of Congressmen in Washington do, too.

  • cbarnett Mar 27, 2008

    She should be charged as accessory to murder - he should be tried as an adult

  • doogaad Mar 27, 2008

    I wonder how many PO's in Durham County are just like her???

  • piratepeople Mar 27, 2008

    sounds like the blind leading the blind. "Do as I say, not as I do?"

  • oldschooltarheel Mar 27, 2008

    Getright said, "The fact that Chalita Nicole Thomas did not identify him is highly suspect, in my humble but accurate opinion."
    She may not have recognized him. Reasonable assumption if she had never met him - also viable if she had not been seeing him on a regular basis (as suggested by backposting entries). My experience lends credence to this hypothesis. The drunk who hit me in Durham county/city, totalled my car causing injuries resulting in nearly 2 months of work lost, never showed for one meeting with his assigned parole officer. Nothing was done - no bench warrant was issued (per the law) and he just careened off free. I think about his high $$ Chapel Hill attorneys regularly - especially with the shenanigans at UNC (ambulance chasers hired onto faculty to teach the overpriveledged about poverty). Perhaps they will rethink some of their... oh never mind, it's all bizness as usual...

  • ANGEL+3 Mar 27, 2008

    why bring it up???? ever hear, lead by example????
    she shouldn't even have a job, as soon as she was convicted for the 1st dui, that should have been it. this is a gov job. they should have the highest standards. she also lied and tried to backtrack her records, that should be another crime added to her list. she should be arested and put in jail. she had responsibility to the public. her job was to watch over those guys and protect the public. as far as i am concerned, she is as guilty as they are, and her boss should be fired too

  • scorekeep Mar 27, 2008

    No more about the case overloads blah, blah, blah. many officers handle their overloads Ok. It is a matter of wanting to do it.

  • PaulRevere Mar 27, 2008

    She didn't do her job, but not because of her previous charges. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that her job is frustrating, hard, and probably thankless with very few rewards because she works for a huge bureaucarcy. It's hard to get stuff done when you have to submit paperwork to get paperwork submitted.

  • oldcmag Mar 27, 2008

    Wow I see the " Fox was guarding the hen house " with that kind of criminal gurading us seems like I finally feel safe NOT ! I wonder why this person was allowed to keep or even gety a job where it seems leading by example does not apply ! Wake country has some splanin ! What a bunch of Stooges !