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Duke, UNC Make Grade in Hospital Rankings

Posted July 13, 2007

— Duke University Medical Center ranked seventh in a national survey of hospital quality.

RTI International evaluated more than 5,200 hospitals across the country for U.S. News and World Report magazine's annual rankings.

Six specialties at UNC Hospitals ranked in the top 50 programs of their kind, according to the study. The specialties are gynecology; ear, nose and throat; respiratory disorders; cancer; urology; and kidney disease.


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  • Lookelou Jul 14, 2007

    Let me just say that WakeMed is a wonderful hospital. They are a Level 1 trauma center and have one of the top rated cardiac programs in the country. If you have a problem with the wait times in the Emergency Room, talk to your friends and neighbors and tell them to get a regular doctor and stop using the ER as their private physicians. WakeMeds ER I believe sees the most patients in the state per year in the ER.
    If you notice in the article, both UNC and Duke hospitals are university related organizations, therfore they offer more in depth treatments and a wider range of services. While WakeMed is in a different category than the others, they can run neck to neck with them. So when I need medical care, WakeMed is the place for me anyday even if I have to wait with all the cold and fever patients waiting to be seen in the ER.
    Give me a banner and lets have a WakeMed parade. I can't wait for them to get their air ambulance program started and see that big red bird circling the sky!!!!

  • kidsrn Jul 14, 2007

    terrible accidents within the Duke system. I do agree wholeheartedly with Not_so_dumb ----no matter which hospital yo are at, I would strongly encourage that there be someone with you at least the vast majority of the time. And if that person has some medical knowledge/experience that is even better.

    Stay healthy, everyone! :-)

  • kidsrn Jul 14, 2007

    I am an RN who is curretnly working at Duke. I have been anurse for 22+ years. Before working at Duke I worked at Rex for 15 years (I took 5 years off to be with my family---now college is rearing it's head and the checkbook needs some assistance. Hence the return to work.) I can tell you that there are always problems at every hospital and there are things at Duke I do not like. I felt the same while at Rex. One thing I can say is that the calibre of nurses I work with are far superior to the ones I worked with at Rex. I think that b/c Duke is a teaching hospital (with interns, residents etc.) that the process is often very frustrating for the patients (and, quite honestly, for me too at times). BUT the other side is that you are being taken care of by people who konw the latest and most up to date drugs/procedures/methods. I enjoy my job and I feel badly for all of you who have had such negative experiences at Duke. And there is no denying there have been some .....CONT

  • lolly Jul 14, 2007

    Not_So_Dumb - I am lucky to have a nurse in my circle of friends. She says that people MUST have a health care professional at their side in a hospital. The hospitals have cut costs so far below the bone that you are entering at your own risk. Did you see the article about the robot/ doctor?

  • carrese Jul 14, 2007

    Attempting to sterilize equipment with hydraulic fluid may have happened at Durham Regional, but attempting to transplant a heart without checking blood type compatibility DID happen at Dook. Really smart guys, way to go. Someone needs to rethink those ratings.

  • Not_So_Dumb Jul 14, 2007

    Having been in both of these, and other systems in the country...The key to getting what you need, safely, timely and effectively in ANY health care setting is having an advocate with you. If you have a nurse in your family or circle of friends, recruit them to go with you to keep you safe. Many of the MD's you see in these teaching hospitals are there because they are LEARNING, they are not finished with their training. Sometimes the supervision they have is limited to a nurse who must be strong enough to stand up and protect the patient from mistakes or less-than-effefctive orders.
    In no hospital in any state are you safe without an advocate, a body guard. Trust Me. No family or friend of mine would be in a hospital without me being there!

  • Josey Jul 14, 2007

    I was a pt. at Duke and had a nightmare of an experience as an outpatient. Appointment was for 10 am. Was there on time. Was dropped off due to disability and for reasons they would not tell me, I did not get to see the Dr. till 5:30pm. I waited in the waiting room along with at least 60 people all day with no way out and in SEVERE pain. When asked what was wrong with me and I told the Dr., he said very angry "I want your SYMPTOMS, NOT YOUR DIAGNOSOS!" This was in the orthopedic dept. He did nothing to help me. I left crying and vowed never to step foot in that hospital again. I have heard many other horror stories about Duke. UNC much better.

  • clickclackity2 Jul 14, 2007

    That survey definitely didn't include the patients. Everyone either has a their own negative experiences at Duke or a close relative or friends story with terrible treatment or mishaps at the hospital known for experimenting on people without consent.

  • Nancy Jul 14, 2007

    From personal experience with UNC for my son's asthma when we moved here (was previously treated in MD), they were incredible! The difference was night and day and a WHOLE lot less medicines that would impact his liver over his lifetime.

    My son, 2nd grade at the time, told the doctor "I breath so much better now, are you sure I still have asthma?" Just amazing.

    Have no experience with Duke but from what I read here, it's not great, have heard from a friend of mine who had a hip replacement and it never went right, had to have it redone because the wrong type of implant was used. It wasn't easy on her since she's in her 70's.

  • migsander Jul 14, 2007

    You probably will never see WakeMed on this list. Their quality of service is so bad you would never think that you were at a hospital. And don't have to go to the emergency room, you probably will age another year before you get to see a doctor. They just a bandaid on "it" and send you home with a $5,000 bill.