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Duke, officers sued for 2010 shooting death

Posted June 20, 2012

— Duke University and two of its police officers are being sued for the 2010 shooting death of a man following a confrontation at the school hospital's entrance.

The federal lawsuit, filed last month on behalf of the estate of Aaron Lorenzo Dorsey, alleges that officers Larry Carter and Jeffrey Liberto used unreasonable force when they shot the 25-year-old in the head

Duke has said the shooting occurred after Dorsey fought the officers and reached for one of their weapons.

The lawsuit accuses the school of improper supervision and training of its police officers.

The State Bureau of Investigation reviewed the shooting and then-District Attorney Tracey Cline did not pursue criminal charges.

Michael Schoenfeld, Duke's vice president for public affairs and government relations, said Wednesday that investigations found the officers acted properly.

"Mr. Dorsey's death was a tragedy, and our sympathies go to his family and friends," he said. "However, both internal and external investigations of the incident have found that the Duke officers acted properly and responsibly given the circumstances, and we intend to vigorously defend against this lawsuit."


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  • jjsmith1973 Jun 27, 2012

    @ redleader also I have never been attached to an airlift squadron. I have always been attached to acc or pacaf command. Check your facts before pretending you know what you are talking about

  • jjsmith1973 Jun 27, 2012

    @ redleader shows how much you know. There is still sf in Usaf. Two you can't be further off from your comments about that field which I did cross train out of. As for rwilkersons post. The dangerous 2000's by stats are safer then the 60's and 70's. Crime is at an all time low. As for the "dangerous" job that has been so dramatized which you buy 100%. The job especially in nc is not dangerous. More construction workers died last year at work in nc then officer last year. Cops didn't even make the top ten most dangerous jobs list. Even further more, more construction workers have died in this state in three years than the entirety of police in nc since they have keep track. So please safe your bias officer shot now ask question later ego to yourself. So you can keep those my job dangerous pick up lines going with the ladies.

  • piene2 Jun 20, 2012

    "Unfortunately LEO's always get blamed when deadly force has to be used. Sounds to me the family of the "Victim" just wants some money.
    Crew Dog"

    Perhaps that would not happen if the cop's first club out of the bag was not deadly force. That should be the last resort, not the first and only response.

  • piene2 Jun 20, 2012

    "oh and please if an outside agency that investigated is also SBI or similar, that is just the same as duke doing its own. Although, I'm sure I will catch flack for saying that. Even though the SBI themselves are in trouble every other month. Now that we know 1/3 of them can't even pass a basic certification test in their field. They make it so easy to trust their internal investigation process

    What, do you not like the idea of hiring the fox to watch the chicken coop?

  • oleguy Jun 20, 2012

    Never confront the authority,, You must pick the time and place

  • johnny2times Jun 20, 2012

    cops are called to DE-fuse situations because people im sure such as yourself can't do it. Next time you need help, call a crack head. The last thing officers want to do is esculate the situation..but when dealing with people that can't follow directions like this guy and think about it...they tried talking to him, had to fight him and when he reached for his gun, they had to do what they had to do. PERIOD. What would have you done? wait to be shot then try defending your life? Officers are going to go home at the end of there shift and thats all that matters. Again, if you think you could do the job better then prove it. Talking only goes so far. Come out of your little bubble and welcome to THE REAL WORLD! Officers die almost daily serving and protecting there communities and no one cares....its sad. An officer might save your or your family mmembers arm chair quarterbacking behind one day so just keep that in the back of your mind..Good job officers! glad you went home that night.

  • johnny2times Jun 20, 2012

    "Half the problems anymore that occur is because cops have zero training on how to be polite, patient, or how to address a situation period." - jjsmith1973

    100% spot on. There seems to be a lot of cops that want to escalate situations to the point of violence instead of diffusing them.

    June 20, 2012 2:30 p.m.

    You both are ones that need to put on the uniform and do the job..when you have a split second to make a decision...instead of blaming the cops because we all know you both were not there...walk 10ft in their shoes and come back and give us you arm cahir quarterbacking response....unreal.

  • 426X3 Jun 20, 2012

    Unfortunately LEO's always get blamed when deadly force has to be used. Sounds to me the family of the "Victim" just wants some money.

  • Redleader2base Jun 20, 2012

    Well lets see.... We have established that you have never been a civilian police officer. You were USAF and briefly Security Police (which dates you pre-9/11). Please educate us as to what Maintenance or Airlift squadron that you saw "actual combat" in gives you such vast wisdom? I only ask because none my experience in an "actual combat" unit in Iraq,Paramedic experience, or experience in the "war of parking tickets, speeders, and drunkards" has prepared this "Young Man" to be so definitive on how these officers should have handled the situation.

  • FE Jun 20, 2012

    It's all about the money and also it is a federal, not state, trial.

    From a Durham news source:

    "The suit is seeking damages of at least $225,000 in combined compensation for two civil-rights claims and a wrongful death claim."