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Duke finds no foul play in student's death

Posted October 29, 2010

— A Duke University student who died Sunday was alone when he fell in a staircase leading to a service area two days earlier, university officials said Friday.

There's no evidence of foul play in the death of Drew Everson, a senior from Tampa, Fla., said Michael Schoenfeld, Duke's vice president for public affairs and government relations.

"At this time, all the evidence indicates that the death of Everson was a tragic accident," Schoenfeld said in a statement.

Everson fell in a staircase that leads to a service area behind the East Campus Union around 3 a.m. Friday, Schoenfeld said. He was found at 11:30 a.m. and died at Duke University Hospital on Sunday.

The university is still awaiting a report from the medical examiner's office, which is expected to take several weeks to complete.


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  • mondosinistro Oct 29, 2010

    stephyruns, has it occurred to you that the determination was probably made by the *Duke* *police*? They would be the ones to handle this kind of thing, at least when there's no indication of any outside persons involved.

  • superman Oct 29, 2010

    The examiners report when complete-- will not dislose who might have pushed him just the cause of his death-- maybe. If he died of a head wound-- you wont know how he got it-either from the fall or someone hitting him. It was most likely a tragic accident.

  • scarletindurham Oct 29, 2010

    I am so glad that Duke has cleared that up for us without the medical examiner's report. I would like to actually hear there was no foul play from... uh.. the police?

  • csplantlover Oct 29, 2010

    It is sad. Apparently this guy was a little tipsy from what I understand, and just walked off into the night and fell down the steps. It's probably not that hard to do. It's extremely sad and unfortunate for his family.

  • Crankyone Oct 29, 2010

    Wasting time when you pay 80% more for your degree, you will never make up that 20%. As the 80% is due when services are rendered and the 20% is spread across a life time.

    Further, do you think you can sit in a job interview and demand extra money just becaus where you went to college. Do you hang around in reality often or is it your parallel universe?

    I am just glad that they identified it was not pigeons that killed him.

  • LovemyPirates Oct 29, 2010

    This is not about Duke University's reputation as an academic institution - this is about the death of a promising young man.

  • cth1 Oct 29, 2010

    It's sad that tictock and mugu want to use this tragedy to bash Duke. This isn't about the school! It's about a student that died on campus...period!! It's tragic for the family and friends that are left behind to mourn the loss of this young man!!

    Prayers for the family!!

  • Baba Booey Oct 29, 2010

    It's very sad that from the families' standpoint, they'll never truly know what happened to their son.

    We all need closure.

  • wastingtime Oct 29, 2010

    they'll find a job and earn 20% more just for the Duke degree

  • Mugu Oct 29, 2010

    If this ain't about a football, basketball or lacrosse player, who cares?

    I did not realize that Duke acknowledged that they had regular students.