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Duke Energy names new CEO

Posted June 18, 2013

Lynn Good, 54, will become Duke Energy's president and chief executive officer July 1, 2013.

— Duke Energy on Tuesday announced that its board of directors has unanimously elected Lynn Good to succeed Jim Rogers as president and chief executive officer. 

Good, currently Duke's executive vice president and chief financial officer, will assume her new role July 1. Rogers will continue to serve as chairman of the board of directors until his retirement on Dec. 31. 

"The selection committee considered several exceptional internal and external candidates and determined that Lynn’s leadership abilities and strategic vision for Duke Energy’s continued growth make her the ideal choice," Duke Lead Director Ann Maynard Gray said in a statement.

Good, 54, said in a statement that she is confident in the company's leadership and dedicated employees. 

"I will work to ensure Duke Energy is positioned to continue its track record of outstanding customer service and operational and financial excellence," she said. 

Good's election as president and chief executive officer finishes off a rough year for Duke leadership and further completes a settlement between the company and the North Carolina Utilities Commission.

The two sides agreed in November 2012 to settle a state investigation into Duke's ouster of former Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson after its acquisition of the Raleigh-based power company.

In proposing the merger, the utilities promised Johnson would lead the combined company for 18 months. But the newly constituted board, with a majority from Duke, forced him to resign just hours after the merger deal was done July 2, 2012.

The move came three days after the Utilities Commission approved the $35 billion merger, which created the nation's largest electric utility.


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  • NoKoolAid Jun 19, 2013

    As the credit line came due, Duke made official what it had signaled to shareholders in an earnings report last November. Because Duke can claim the money as a business expense for tax purposes, shareholders will foot $6 million of the cost.

    And that $10 million wasn’t all the loot that Jim Rogers passed back to the Democratic Party.

    The company donated $1.5 million in in-kind contributions to the host committee for office space, furniture and other expenses. Rogers personally gave $339,000 in cash and in-kind services, including the hiring of a fundraising assistant.

    Duke also gave $4.1 million to a separate fund that could accept corporate money to put on parties boosting the city.

  • NoKoolAid Jun 19, 2013

    colinmb123us Duke Energy and O are tight. Read this great article about "Duke Energy’s motto under CEO Jim Rogers is, “Steal $700 million in taxpayer money on our behalf and we’ll give you a $10 million loan that will turn into a gift.”


  • NoKoolAid Jun 19, 2013

    Duke gives A LOT of money to Obama.

  • Karmageddon Jun 19, 2013

    HeadsUp.....Funniest comment I've ever seen

  • wildpig777 Jun 18, 2013

    duke energy has the nc utilities commission in it's pocket.............

  • Good Bye WRAL Jun 18, 2013

    While I don't fault the Opportunity for effective CEO's to earn big bucks. Yes, I'd want it too if I worked hard for it. It's the casual progression of CEO changes and the calculated way they (with their boards support) set themselves up with golden parachutes that bring them immense wealth at the cost of the stock holders and customers. That's nothing but pure greed at this company and several like it.

  • wardjammer22 Jun 18, 2013

    Those elderly people in the mobile park in Garner were some of the last to get turned back on. Explain that one duke energy!!!!

  • wardjammer22 Jun 18, 2013

    My wife passed away a few months ago. She never worked because of a disability. I worked to provide for my family of 4. She sent the money in. She passed just as duke was taking over. She paid the bills with the money I made for over 20 years. We were late on a payment a few days ago and it was past due. They cut it off in the morning a few days ago. My daughter called me at work before noon to tell me I called duke energy before noon to pay enough to get it turned back on. But we told duke my wife passed away and the account was in her name, so they have to look a little closer. My power stayed off all day and night 95 deg. that day. Some of you well-to -do folks might say I got what I deserved. I had to pay the pass due on her account and put up $200 to get it turned on. Some more H,EH,E,HE for the well to do! Next day a storm hammered us here in eastern NC. Duke had to go to work!!! Hope my $200 went as far as it could!!!!

  • rmsmith Jun 18, 2013

    Thieves, corporate greed and very arrogant. They are smiling all the way to the bank as Duke Progress Energy (DuPEd) is a monopoly and NO competetion.

  • wardjammer22 Jun 18, 2013

    We are not customer's, we are users of a product which me must have to stay alive. If you don't get your money right away you cut things off that we need because this is what your shareholders want. If I could buy from someone else I would, but I cant. Why do you call us customers. I feel so bad for the poor and elderly. I do not like you Duke Energy. There is no way you can call us customers. Customer service reps are so arrogant. If you live in a mobile home they make sure you know it. " So you live in a trailer " "We must look at you a little more closely". You need to send in a deposit Mr. $200. I ask, is this telephone conversation recorded? "It sure is sir" So where is my customer service? Is this free market economy? NO. We live in eastern North Carolina, not out there where the big banks are around Charlotte. We are common folk around here Duke energy!!!!!!!!!!!! Eastern North Carolina !!!!!!!!!!!