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Duke Energy Faces Hefty Pollution Suit

Posted August 22, 2013

Duke Energy is in hot water this time: 12 plants are being sued by the state of North Carolina for causing environmental pollution. All 12 of the plants named in the suit show evidence of groundwater pollution, and many are also experiencing problems with their coal ash ponds, which are seeping into the surrounding area and contaminating both soil and water. The state contends that the energy firm is disposing of ash illegally and posing a threat to public health with its practices.

Lest you think we're talking about something relatively benign, coal ash contains high concentrations of toxic metals that are harmful to humans, animals, and plants. The concentrations found around the Duke plants are too high to be natural, which is why the state is fingering them as the culprit. If the state is successful, the plants will need to reform their coal ash disposal practices and clean up around the contaminated sites to protect the people of North Carolina.

The company is in the process of preparing to shut down many of its coal-fired plants, a reminder that this form of energy is considered a dinosaur, but consumers who aren't willing to wait might want to consider calling a Charlotte electrician about going solar. Why not skip the middleman and convert to environmentally-friendly power?

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