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Duke employee robbed in parking garage

Posted August 28, 2009

— A man robbed a Duke employee in a parking garage on Erwin Road Thursday night, according to university police.

The employee told police a man approached her on the entrance ramp outside Duke Hospital around 10:45 p.m. The man indicated he had a weapon and demanded money, police said. He fled up Erwin Road to Trent Drive.

The employee was not injured.

Police described the man as a black, with very short hair and ingrown facial hair. He wore a black sweatsuit, black ski cap and white shoes. He had a slight limp.

Anyone with information about the case should call Duke University Police Department at 919-684-2444.


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  • 3779LRRP Aug 28, 2009

    Wish he would have picked on me. That's my garage also. He would not have been walking toward Trent Drive.

  • itsbetteronthebeach Aug 28, 2009

    People, puh-lease!! "she shouldn't have been in the garage alone"?? "get a security escort"?? Are you kidding? Why are you blaming the victim here? Our work environments should be safe enough that we can get to our cars without having to cross paths with a criminal. I worked at Duke 11 years ago, and the area was scary as h*** back then! I now work at a large hospital in a nasty area of Raleigh, and I can promise you that, as an employee, you cannot get a security escort to your car, no matter the hour. We are told that all those security cameras are going to keep us safe. (By the way, those cameras are not monitored at the hospital, so really, what good are they?) So let's not blame the crime victim here...how about we address the safety standards of our workplaces, especially ones that are located in crime-infested, blight-ridden areas.

  • Tired Of Excuses Aug 28, 2009

    The City of Durham and Duke had better start to take notice. This isn't the first time it's happend trust me, I think my "pepper spray and gun comment" was right on.

  • concerncitizen Aug 28, 2009

    texasncgirl, I agree with a great deal of what you say. I think we must elect officals that will used the laws we have on the books. Believe me I' m gald you are able to protect yourself. I still stand by my belif that most people will not be prepared to use deadly force?

  • texasncgirl Aug 28, 2009

    Landshark- As we can see from our current judicial system, having "tougher" sentences don't actually get used. They will get applied, but of course somewhere down the road...they are ignored and the prisoner released. As for the criminal having "lots" of time to be prepared to USE it..this is absolutely not so. So many of these stupid criminals don't even know HOW to shoot or handle a gun..this is how accidents happen. I guarantee these criminals are less prepared to kill than you think. I have had a gun pulled on me downtown Raleigh before, but the guy was so scared he was shaking and after realizing he wasn't getting anything from me and my date, he ran off. They are less prepared than the armed homeowner is. If you are compelled to pull your gun on someone, then you are prepared to kill them. If I feel that my life is threatened, then you can bet that I will have NO problem shooting someone breaking in my home.

  • vipcruizer2 Aug 28, 2009

    jon2four, there are several questionable apartment communities in that area.

  • concerncitizen Aug 28, 2009

    Lead by Example, come on......... Tell the whole truth please! You have to be prepared to use a gun! You have to have decided to kill a person, you and I both know that will not be easy. Lots of folks talk big talk on here, but might end up dead because the moment they needed to use the gun they are not ready to actually kill another human being... The criminal has had lots of time to prepare and get themselves ready to use the gun they have! Mr. Officer does any of that ring true???? You should be ashamed of yourself! The lady should have never been in the garage alone period. End of story!!!

  • concerncitizen Aug 28, 2009

    Tired Of Excuses, you're right. Lesson learned I hope! People stop traveling alone to these areas.......

    More guns will not help! Tougher sentences (226 years) no possible parole.

  • devilblue Aug 28, 2009

    If she would have had pepper spray she could have sprayed him his face then run over him with her car! That is one alternative to a gun!!

  • texasncgirl Aug 28, 2009

    This is an exact example as to why it is a good idea for citizens to be armed. Hearing this story has expedited my decision to get my concealed carry permit. Guns do not kill people...people kill people. We would have a heck a lot less of crime if criminals knew that everyone were armed. Look at Alaska, they actually ENCOURAGE people to be armed...their criminal activity is extremely low for this exact reason. Why do people think that places like Chicago and DC are so dangerous? Because their citizens are not even allowed to have a concealed carry permit, thus making it much easier for a criminal to get away with the things that they do.