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DSS: No signs of abuse seen before Raleigh infant's death

Posted February 13, 2012

— A 6-month-old who died a week ago lived in squalid conditions, but social workers who visited his Raleigh home several times last summer and fall noted no signs of abuse, according to a report released Monday.

Christopher Scott Childers Jr. was injured on Jan. 21 and died Feb. 5 at WakeMed. Authorities said the baby had injuries consistent with being violently shaken.

His father, Christopher Scott Childers Sr., 28, of 216-B E. Lenoir St., has been charged with murder.

The Wake County Department of Social Services released a summary of the involvement of Child Protective Services in the case, noting that social workers first checked on the Childers family in August after receiving a report that the baby was being neglected.

The family lived in a filthy rooming house on Lenoir Street that had had problems with roaches and bedbugs, according to the summary, but the parents appeared to be trying to properly care for the infant.

The agency asked two organizations to provide follow-up care for the family, and those groups visited the rooming house during the fall. The groups set up a joint meeting with the family on Jan. 18, but the mother canceled it, saying the baby and his father were sick, according to the summary.


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  • ufcx3 Feb 15, 2012

    OMG, no signs of abuse before this infant died? AND?! Both parents should still be in prison for life or get death penalty.
    poor baby boy :( he is in a safe place now.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 13, 2012

    They cancelled saying the Father and baby was sick? That was their first clue right there. I'm see this as the DSS passing off their responsibility to some other organization.

  • mavsmom Feb 13, 2012

    I agree, children should not have to live in those circumstances. As someone who deals with this population, however, I can say that there are simply not enough foster families, or resources in general, and there are far more extreme cases than a bug infestation (though clearly this was greater than simply bugs). The whole system is broken, from how parents are counseled to how children are cared for, and so much more. It's a sad state.

  • Fuquay Resident Feb 13, 2012

    JustJul, that's justnot what the laws are. It's not child abuse or child endangerment for your house to be dirty. If CPS removes all the kids from dirty or filthy homes, there won't be enough foster care families to take the kids or judges to handle the cases. If you want the laws changed then you need to talk to your law makers and not blame CPS.

  • hldrtn Feb 13, 2012

    i am with JustJul !!!! very sad

  • JustJul Feb 13, 2012

    There is something seriously wrong with our Child Protective System that would even allow a child to live in these conditions. Remove the child until the home is cleaned up. If the parents want the child then they should have to prove that they can provide a safe, CLEAN and loving home. Very sad.

  • lOvInMyFaM Feb 13, 2012

    Poor baby.