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Drought over in central N.C.

Posted October 2, 2008

— After more than a year, a large swath of central North Carolina is completely out of the drought, according to a state report issued Thursday.

The weekly report from the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council shows that 32 counties, stretching from Caswell County on the Virginia state line to Brunswick County on the southern coast, are no longer in any stage of drought. Another dozen counties – they are located in two strips on either side of the drought-free swath – are listed as being abnormally dry, according to the report.

The worst drought conditions remain in the western North Carolina mountains, although a small patch of the northeastern corner of the state is experiencing severe drought conditions.

The 32 counties out of the drought are the largest number of drought-free counties in the state since early May 2007.


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  • clintoflannagan Oct 2, 2008

    What we need is lots more new development so it can start drawing down the water level at Falls Lake. Right now it's almost at flood level. Every time we make some progress on it and get rid of some of that dangerous water it rains again and puts us all at risk for major flooding.

    The corps of engineers needs to figure out a way to put a tarp over the lake or something to keep it from filling up any more.

  • Steve Crisp Oct 2, 2008

    Strange how we need a governmental agency to tell us what we knew months ago.

  • Skywatch_NC Oct 2, 2008

    Oh ye of little faith ... ;)

  • Demented Oct 2, 2008

    Don't celebrate yet. I put out sod this week and, historically, that sort of action by me doesn't bode well for rainfall.

  • bottleworks Oct 2, 2008

    Now will the water authorities lower the rates back down to pre-drought prices and remove the restrictions on water use? I bet not.

  • Skywatch_NC Oct 2, 2008

    Great to see that the drought is now officially over for central NC! :)

  • newwake Oct 2, 2008

    It amazes me what concerns people thses days. Who cares when or if Greg Fishel retires, or how many days he works? What imapct does that have on your life?

  • Skywatch_NC Oct 2, 2008

    when you only work 6 days a month!

    It's quite possible that it's because he has a lot of nice seniority built up there at WRAL?! ;)

  • bs101fly Oct 2, 2008

    oh good, does this mean Greg Fishel will retire now?
    it's not a far stretch when you only work 6 days a month!