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Drought Leads Rocky Mount to Raise Water Rates

Posted February 27, 2008

— The City Council has voted to increase water an sewer rates in response to the cost of the drought.

Water rates will go up 2.5 percent, and sewer rates will increase 5 percent, officials said.

The increases are expected to cost the average resident about $1.14 more each month – an extra 28 cents for water and 86 cents more for sewer.

City officials said the increases should generate an additional $250,000 by the end of the fiscal year in June.


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  • readme Feb 27, 2008

    I like this. Water is a natural resource. If it is in scarce supply, prices should go up. It will also encourage people to use less. Supply and demand. It was a small percentage hike though for sure. Prices in the vending machines have gone up way more than that recently in my building.

  • rogerkneebend Feb 27, 2008

    Rocky Mount - always a source of good news.

  • Queenie Feb 27, 2008

    If the City of Rocky Mount keeps raising their utility rates, everyone is going to have to move from the City in order to live. Natural gas and electricity went up last year and now water & sewer - you wouldn't believe what our bills are this year and that's with trying to conserve as much as possible. My salary increase does not cover the increase of utilities in Rocky Mount.

  • Z Man Feb 27, 2008

    All this while Lake Wheeler is overflowing its fixed dam, Lake Benson is full, Jordan Lake is above its average capacity, and Durham abandoned its efforts to siphon off the quarry. BTW - my neighbor had his well motor replaced last month. The well was 194 feet deep of which approximately 164 feet was submerged (normal water table)! I think the bank accounts of those getting their water from Falls Lake are being siphoned off!

  • Sound Tech Feb 27, 2008

    This is called the Meeker Doctrine. Impose restictions which cause water useage revenue reductions and then charge more to make up for the lost revenue. However it is very funny that this same council that condemmed a downtown building, spent $4,500.00 on repairs to this building, then purchased the building in an auction for $5,000.00 so they can hope to sell it in the future to help recoup some of the $4,500.00 in repair cost. And due to the condition of the building it was appraised at around $1,500.00. Go figure.

  • dohicky Feb 27, 2008

    Bet the city fathers do no lower the rates after the cost is covered and hopefully the city is not in a drought situation.