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Driver who hit Garner teen at school bus stop not charged

Posted April 3, 2013

— The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said Tuesday that they will not charge a driver who hit and killed a teen last week at a school bus stop near Garner.

Maria Fernandez Jimenez, 14, a freshman at Garner Magnet High School, was crossing N.C. Highway 50 near J.R. Drive on March 25 when she ran into the path of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Terri Lynn Guttery of Willow Spring.

Witnesses told authorities that the bus was nearing its stop when Jimenez crossed the road. The bus' amber lights were flashing, but its red lights were not, and its stop arm was not extended, according to witnesses.


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  • Hans Apr 3, 2013

    Why on God's green earth do people think the driver should be charged with "something"?

  • sunshine1040 Apr 3, 2013

    Parents remember your parents telling you to stop look and listen before crossing the street. True some cars are quieter now but the lesson should be the same. Roads are made for cars and trucks use to be horses and they even sometimes got out of control and killed people . Sorry for the loss of a life but even the driver of the car is also suffering.

  • Terkel Apr 3, 2013

    "More training! More meetings! More awareness! More time taken to endlessly repeat common sense rules!"

    It was an accident. You can't prevent all accidents all the time.

  • mfarmer1 Apr 3, 2013

    sad times for the family.

  • Pretzel Logic Apr 3, 2013

    RE : I pass school busses almost every morning with yellow lights on. They never seem to turn them off.

    Thats the whole point, In every mode of transportation



    Kids should not even begin to approach the bus until after it has stopped and the RED LIGHTS ARE ON, and drivers should not be stopping on the yellow,,,

  • think01 Apr 3, 2013

    "I feel she should have been charged anyways"

    Fortunately, the law operates on facts, not feelings.

    "if theres a bus approaching she still should have slowed down till she passed that school bus at an safe speed about 15 miles"

    So, you're the one that gets to determine a safe speed? What if you hit a kid at 15mph in a big SUV and kill her? Maybe the safe speed is only 5mph. Maybe you should have to get out and push your car by the bus.

    "funny how lea do their work and make an assumption on someone not to be charged let me get out there and try to speed 7 miles or more of the limit by a bus or pass the bus with the lights flashing, see how fast to get a ticket"


    "at least she should have also shown here remorseness and some to the funeral"

    And how exactly do you know whether she has expressed remorse to the family?

    "if I was the family I would have been giving her a beat dwn at the funeral"

    And you would be justifiably arrested and put in jail for that.

  • carrboroyouth Apr 3, 2013

    Everyone is making assumptions about what happened.

    My assumption is that regardless of the situation, this driver has to live with this the rest of her life, whether it was her fault or not.

  • NoKoolAid Apr 3, 2013

    Just yesterday, in Garner, a bus was approaching me and did not put his yellow lights on until he was almost stopped. I slammed my brakes on, the girl ran out a couple of seconds later. These buses need to put their yellow lights on at least 100 yards from the stop to warn drivers.

  • wdprice3 Apr 3, 2013

    I say we outfit schools buses with robotic armed suction tubes. The kids will just stand in their front yards within a steel reinforced concrete box and when the school bus arrives, the suction tube is extended over the box and then the suction is turned on, where it sucks the children up and into the bus and places them in individual protective plastic bubbles for their ride to school.

  • think01 Apr 3, 2013

    "The real reason the driver wasn't charged is because the victim was of Hispanic descent. Welcome to North Carolina folks."

    Wow. I didn't think you could get more ignorant than your original comment, but you proved me wrong.