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Driver who crashed into Apex homes faces more charges

Posted November 7, 2013

William Tyler Mayhew

— Police on Thursday filed more charges against a man arrested Wednesday after his pickup hit two homes in the Dogwood Ridge neighborhood in Apex.

William Tyler Mayhew, 22, was initially charged with driving while impaired, hit-and-run, speeding and careless and reckless driving. On Thursday, he was charged with injury to real property and felony serious injury by vehicle. The latter charge stems from a head injury suffered by a passenger in the truck.

According to investigators, Mayhew lost control of his truck, struck a transformer, clipped one home and crashed through the living room and kitchen of a second home on Silky Dogwood Trail.

No one was hurt in either home.

The wreck knocked out power to several homes in the area, and authorities also had to fix a gas leak caused by the truck.

Police said Mayhew walked to his home on nearby Purple Glory Drive following the wreck.


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  • Quagmire Nov 7, 2013

    Multiple DUIs from what I hear. He should go to prison.

  • New York Attitude Nov 7, 2013

    Maybe he looks upset in his mug shot because he knows what's going to happen when his parents show up to bail him out! Back in the day I would have had that same look on my face because I knew what was going to happen when I got home!

  • Preebok Nov 7, 2013

    Did they ever find the cat?? If it is hurt, he needs charged with that too.

  • 678devilish Nov 7, 2013

    charged with driving while impaired,

    From the looks of his fresh picture, he knew he was done and wrong. They should absolutely take away his licence and not allow him to have them back. He should have to pay for all damages to both homes. He needs help with his drinking. I hope he gets it. I do hope young people would realize that drinking alcohol can kill you. Its a slow death that they don't see. How come his parents did not see his drinking ways?

  • miseem Nov 7, 2013

    Will the drunkard be covered under his companies policy? Most be something that voids it if driver is drunk. How about his personal insurance? If their is no coverage, then the HOA will have to use their insurance.

    I don't think that any liability insurance policy denies coverage to an injured party due to the perpetrator being drunk (or engaged in other criminal activity). Otherwise, it would be a pretty useless policy, since most "accidents" are not accidents and someone gets charged. The question is does this guy have enough insurance to cover all the damages. Probably not. But if a standard homeowners policy covers a tree falling on your house, I would figure it covers a drunk driving into it.

  • jhk0704 Nov 7, 2013

    Crying in his mugshot was a terrible idea just adds to the ridicule he is going to face. Toughen up young fella it only gonna get harder from here. How does one connect crying with not being able to hold their alcohol? Maybe the kid is just scared out of his mind and rightfully so. To say because he is emotional in his mugshot he cant hold his liquor is a stretch at best.

  • usocrazi Nov 7, 2013

    Mayhew could change his name to Mayhem.

  • Obamacare for one and all Nov 7, 2013

    Anyone who cries during their mugshot obviously doesn't hold their alcohol very well.

  • jhk0704 Nov 7, 2013

    Have they checked the bar to see if he should have been cut off. Do not know about NC, but many states the server has some responsibility not to serve someone in his condition.

    How exactly do you know what his condition was? or how he appeared at the bar? or even if he was at a bar? Many people hold their liquor very well and don't display obvious outward signs. Also i haven't seen anywhere where they mentioned a blood alcohol content or what he blew after the accident. Since you are so harsh i assume you have never ever made a mistake in your life sandim50. What the kid did was unbelievably stupid and he will undoubtedly pay for it. He is lucky that no one died but im not going to call him a criminal just a kid who made a very very very bad mistake and absolutely will pay for it. There is no getting out of this one with the amount of publicity it has already received. Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and be able to put this behind him and make something of his life.

  • Obamacare for one and all Nov 7, 2013

    WRAL? Why didn't you post my comment? People are concerned about the cat.