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Driver reassigned over bus stop incident

Posted September 9, 2008
Updated September 10, 2008

— The Wake County school system has reassigned a bus driver accused of dropping off a 6-year-old at the wrong stop.

Porsha Garrett claimed her son, Omarion, wandered around for at least 30 minutes before a stranger brought him home.

It happened Sept. 4 after his first day of school at Stough Elementary on Edwards Mill Road in Raleigh.

Similar incidents happened earlier in the year at other Wake County schools. Since then, additional safety procedures have been implemented.


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  • mom2threecld Sep 10, 2008

    karibrit, you are correct. not everyone has the luxury of taking their child to school and picking them up and no one should belittle those who can't. it sounds like you are a good mom and do as much as humanly possible for your kids, don't let those with no understanding get to you. taking your child to school isn't the only way to be a good parent

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 10, 2008

    May this situation make the bus-drivers, parents and children to be more alert and responsible.

  • familyfour Sep 10, 2008

    local- ain't it hilarious (well I guess it ain't) how no school has come up with a decent way for drivers to drop/pick up their kids...I took my daughter during Kindergarten till she was ready for the bus....it was always like one great big fight fixin to break out...folks improperly parking behind people that are properly parked, blocking them in, or gettin in line and then having to wait on someone who is so unorganized they have to rearrange the vehicle to let their kid in....Me....I always park in the boonies at school and walk up to get my gal when I pick her up, ....between the school parking lot, and the school busses....jeeze! Both have major flaws....

  • ShareTheRoad Sep 10, 2008

    lol fatty...you dont find carpool to be a luxury? woops, speaking of carpool...im off to go circle the block until they let me in the lane. at our school, only about a dozen cars fit in the car pool lane, lol. the cop out there directs traffic and makes you just keep circling the block until you luck out and get a chance to slip in the carpool lane.

    ahhh LUXURY!! ;)

  • familyfour Sep 10, 2008

    Ya'll be nice....letting/making your child ride the bus doesn't make one a bad parent. Taking your kid to school don't make you a good one.

    Maybe all this will make the folks applying for what they think are *easy* jobs realize that they come with responsibility, and with someone's kid, or your own for that matter.. it's better to be safe than sorry, whatever your routine may be.

  • fatty Sep 10, 2008

    karibritt01-- Are you nuts or something? I don't have any sort of "luxury" or "good fortune" having to haul my kid to school and bad every day. It is a drag. I just make it happen. The bus would be the easy way out. It's just not a priorty for you; so be it. And where'd you get the idea that that is all I do for my kid? Get a grip.

  • familyfour Sep 10, 2008

    local -

    all I got out of the article posted here, was that she was there, and waited, and waited, and waited. I was left to assume that she must have shown up after the bus came by, otherwise bus/child/mom would have seen each other...but not having been told different, I can only speculate from the info at hand, but that's how it sounded to me...

  • karibritt01 Sep 10, 2008

    Fatty... you go ahead and pat yourself on the back that you are able to carpool your children. Tell yourself that you MUST love your children more than I do because you have that luxury. Pride yourself on being holier-than-thou, and sit and rain judgements down on those of us that do not have the same good fortune. But in the end, I dare to to hold up your carpooling against the things I do for my children. And which do you think they will remember more when they are grown?

  • mom2threecld Sep 10, 2008

    dataclerk, what good is reassignment? they could make the same error on another route. that is not a punishment anyway. that was to keep the driver from having to face the childs mom, so they are protecting the driver. i doubt the driver did this on purpose, but if a nurse gave you the wrong injection in the hospital, would you want to see her only reassigned?? this childs life was in just as much jeapordy, a child molester could have gotten him

  • mom2threecld Sep 10, 2008

    boatingforfun, keep in mind it was his first day of school and probably wasn't familiar with the bus stop. it was his first day on the bus also. plus, he is only a small child