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Driver crashes into Raleigh power pole, transformer

Posted October 5, 2011
Updated October 6, 2011

— A wreck that knocked over a power pole and damaged a transformer late Tuesday closed Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh for about nine hours, police said.

A 2007 Toyota pickup truck driven by Kaleb Scott Davis, 22, of 581 N. Fork New River Road in Lansing, N.C., ran off the right side of Lake Wheeler Road, at Mercury Street, around 11:15 p.m., according to the wreck report. The pickup crashed into the power pole, splitting it in half, and also hit a transformer box.

Davis suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

He was charged with driving while impaired. Tests showed he had a blood alcohol content level of 0.07, the report states.

The wreck knocked out power to about 235 Progress Energy customers.

Lake Wheeler Road was closed between Daladams and Mercury streets until about 8:30 a.m. while crews made repairs.


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  • ksdavis4 Oct 7, 2011

    im just thankful, I didnt kill anyone else, myself, and my dog. my truck and tht pole can be replaced.

  • ksdavis4 Oct 7, 2011

    I will not look at these posts again, so if anyone ever does read this story and has a lil sarcasm in them, just save urself the time. Theres always more to a story than wat gets put on the news.. God bless

  • ksdavis4 Oct 7, 2011

    ..reason I was "uninjured" is bc I refused to go to the hospital bc my main concern was my dog, who after I landed back on all fours, was gone. If anyone saw my truck, they would think whoever was driving might have been dead, much less a 20lbs dog riding in the passenger seat. but by the grace of God, I walked away, and I found my dog in less than 24 hours. its a miracle and I know the good Lord was watching over me. and before anyone says anything about someone who was charged with a dui, and is talking about his religion...we all make mistakes. Nobody knows what all im going through, and often times I fall short of Him. But I do believe inGod, and I know that he was spared me and my dog tht night. it was definetely a wake up call for me. but I just dont want everybody who sees my face on that picture and reading this article to think, "another drunk". I was very distraught, and thought I had killed my dog. im sorry to all who I caused power outages as well.

  • ksdavis4 Oct 7, 2011

    Ism actually the guy that was in this wreck. and I know that no one will ever look at this story again, but just in case they do, I would like to tell my story. First of all, I know I shouldnt have been behind the wheel. And if anyone ever reads this again, please consider this before you ever do sucha thing no matter how old you are. Its not worth it. Having said that, I was not drunk. Like the article says, I was below the legal limit. The reason I was charged is bc I hit a telephone pole and snapped it in half. They had reason to believe that my alcohol content was the reason I ran off the road. What they dont tell you in this article is that I had my dog with me. I had just went over the train tracks, and my dog, who was riding along with me in the passenger seat, fell in my floorboard. I tried to catch his fall, and that is what distracted me. Thays still no excuse for me being behind the wheel though, and I know that. The article also doesnt tell you that the reason

  • jsok123 Oct 5, 2011

    yes be impaired but DON'T drive

  • atozca Oct 5, 2011

    Reminds me of the 70's... the power would flicker or go out completely and mom would inevitably say.."some drunk must of ran into the power line pole."

  • SueInNC Oct 5, 2011

    Stop driving while impaired...you're going to hurt someone!