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Driver crashes in Raleigh

Posted February 19, 2009

— A driver crashed at 10224 Baileywick Road in Raleigh Thursday morning.

Authorities have not released the driver's name or condition.

The wreck happened around 7:50 a.m., authorities said.


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  • TeresaBee Feb 19, 2009

    Ok, I am still waiting for the update on this. If there isn't going to be one then can't WRAL remove this article and post one about me making fried chicken for dinner tonight? (with spinich and baby boiled potatoes).

  • sleepyj Feb 19, 2009

    OMG you people are crackin' me up !! Heck with the story............at least the comments are enjoyable.

    BTW I agree with everyone wholeheartedly!!

  • 68_polara Feb 19, 2009

    and this is news?

    Sorry, you all beat me to it.

  • cucamelsmd15 Feb 19, 2009

    Thank you, WRAL, for this pinnacle of reporting excellence!

  • brassy Feb 19, 2009

    The neighbor's kid left a skateboard in my yard. You want to report that too?

  • Mr. Middle of the Road Feb 19, 2009

    Treebee123, probably to big of a story to update without all the details. I am waiting with baited breath following this headline event.

  • TeresaBee Feb 19, 2009

    Well its 10:30.. why is this news not updated by now.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Feb 19, 2009

    I also heard that a traffic light turned green this morning! Why is this news? Are we going to start reporting every event occurring all day? Hey--my dog pottied twice this morning! Where is my headline?

  • hpr641 Feb 19, 2009

    bill52674, it basically just happened and is a heck of a lot better than the way most reporters incorrect write "SUV crashed," "pickup crashed," or "tracker-trailer crashed," etc. I see that and I want to ask the reporter if they inquired into what kind of artificial intelligence the vehicle was operating with?

  • clover1019 Feb 19, 2009

    i am so glad they let us know about this.