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Driver charged with hitting Wake County school bus

Posted October 2, 2008

— Morrisville police charged a pickup truck driver with failure to yield the right of way after he hit a Wake County school bus Thursday morning.

No one was injured. Police say Michael Gerrard Velotta hit the school bus on Morrisville Parkway near Crabtree Crossing Parkway.

The bus was headed to Morrisville Elementary School and had stopped at railroad tracks when Velotta hit it, police said.


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  • colliedave Oct 2, 2008

    to yield the right of way after he hit a Wake County school bus Thursday morning.

    the driver hit the bus; or, his car hit the bus?

  • HopingForABetterWorld Oct 2, 2008

    armynavy, it's also amazing how the non-WCPSS cheerleaders attack. I am not in favor of WCPSS, but there is NOTHING in the article that leads to your response other than your own personal agenda that has NOTHING to do with the article. And your insults of bus drivers indicates that you are letting a bad experience on your part cause a stereotype against ALL drivers. So, I guess we will stereotype you as just another person who doesn't matter, since you will complain about everything, and not real issues.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 2, 2008

    From the story wording, it sounds like this guy rearended the bus when it stopped. It doesn't matter at all if train tracks were there or not...or that it was a school bus. Unless it was deliberate, rearends are a result of following too closely. Use the two second following rule and hang up your phone. People can stop on any road for any reason. If you can't stop in time, you were too close.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Oct 2, 2008


    Perhaps not, but being stopped at an intersection and having a bus come barreling down upon you and not stopping until uncomfortably close to taking out your car while blocking you in is unsafe, unpleasant, and a display of either arrogance or disinterest in the general public safety on the part of the bus driver.

    The way the WCPSS cheerleaders attack is impressive.

  • WRALcensorsforIslam Oct 2, 2008

    How about thinking rationally? If you are driving a "REALLY BIG BUS" and you cannot safely make your intended movement don't try to make the movement until there is clearance/right of way to do so. It's a difficult concept, it's also rational. The unsafe thing to do is initiate a movement you don't have the clearance to complete then get stuck halfway and compel others to accommodate. That's dangerous for everyone.

    School buses, by law, must stop before crossing RR tracks and cannot begin to cross unless they can clear the tracks. There is a reason for that. Physics won't bend for the WCPSS.

    I can envision any number of scenarios, some of which I see regularly, in which a reckless bus driver can drive that would provoke an accident. It's a minor miracle more buses aren't hit given the quality of the drivers.

    The point was simple, and simply lost on the WCPSS cheerleaders, bus drivers are not by definition safe drivers. Before you assume "bus driver good" / "motorist bad" THINK!

  • whatelseisnew Oct 2, 2008

    Well if they would just keep those big yellow things off the roads these things would not happen.

  • liveinzoo Oct 2, 2008

    How do you propse a school bus make that turn? There are many roads in our area that are too narrow for a bus to turn down, without using both lanes. Would you have prefered they stop on Maynard road and block on-going traffic? Should they have drievn over the curb, maybe knocked down a street sign? We all have to be looking out for each other. I'm sure having to back up so a school bus could safely access your neighborhood was NOT the most horrible thing thats happened to you today.

  • CuriousT Oct 2, 2008

    Years ago, STUDENTS drove the school bus. It was considered an EXTREME PRIVILEGE to be able to drive a school bus by most of those that did.

    We were told that as part of this process, WE COULD BE FOLLOWED AT ANY TIME by the school official in charge of transportation (our Vice Principal). If you were caught doing ANYTHING inappropriate, so long as it didn't endanger lives, you were "fined" for the offense. Dirty bus, poor personal appearance, that kind of thing earned a fine.

    If you did ANYTHING that might endanger a life (not stopping for RR crossings as an example), you were stopped, removed from the bus, and another driver would take over for you.......no second chances on that.

    Then ADULTS took over.........I don't see the "IMPROVEMENT" WE WERE PROMISED.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Oct 2, 2008

    And did it occur to you that the driver might be in a REALLY BIG BUS, and if he/she is a little off on the angle, it makes the turn tighter? It doesn't automatically mean it's reclessness. Why don't you go drive the bus since you obviously are such a good driver and law-biding by obeying the posted speed limit at all times.

  • HopingForABetterWorld Oct 2, 2008

    armynavy? And WHAT does your post have to do with the article? Can you take your soapbox and go to an appropriate article? You look ridiculous when you're so focused on making a group of people look bad that you make comments like your's on articles that have NOTHING to do with each other.