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Driver charged in fatal motorcycle wreck

Posted September 28, 2010

— A Smithfield man has been charged in a weekend wreck that killed a motorcyclist and injured another person, police said Tuesday.

Keith McClain's car collided with a motorcycle near the intersection of South Brightleaf Boulevard and Crestview Drive at about 7 p.m. Sunday.

Gary Wayne Greenwaldt, 43, of Four Oaks, and Rebecca Ann Tilley, 35, of Dudley, were thrown from Greenwaldt's motorcycle, police said. Greenwaldt died at WakeMed in Raleigh, and Tilley was listed in critical condition Tuesday.

McClain, 49, who wasn't injured in the wreck, was given a sobriety test. Police said his breath-alcohol level was found to be 0.27, which is more than three times the level at which drivers are considered intoxicated under North Carolina law.

He was charged with driving while impaired and failure to reduce speed, police said, noting that the incident remains under investigation.


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  • braddavis Sep 29, 2010

    The first drunk driver I ever arrested was at 3:30pm on a Wednesday on Wade Avenue, and he blew a .30, so no, I'm not surprised at anything anymore.

  • ncmedic201 Sep 29, 2010

    Actually, he was charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision which implies that the motorcycle is at fault and the driver of the car should have slowed down to avoid the wreck. Same with the teens that hit the school bus. The school bus is at fault for turning in front of the car but the driver of the car failed to reduce speed to avoid the wreck. The driver of the car doesn't have to be at fault to be arrested for DUI...the DUI is a given no matter who is at fault.

  • Eastern N.C. Native Sep 28, 2010

    "He was charged with driving while impaired and failure to reduce speed, police said, noting that the incident remains under investigation."

    NCMEDIC201, that quote was taken from the news story. The DWI driver was charged with the wreck as well, "FAILURE TO REDUCE SPEED." So, yeah. There will probably be a reconstruction of the wreck as well but he (DWI DRIVER) was found to be at fault. Are you surprised with that BAC?

  • Eastern N.C. Native Sep 28, 2010


  • BruiserB Sep 28, 2010


    I agree. I should have added the statement that if he has a good lawyer he'll probably get misdemeaner death. My latest experiences with the courts and DWI and police doing a proper accident investigation have left me with a bad outlook.

  • doubletrouble Sep 28, 2010

    I tell ya...I'm scared to bring my bike out and one of the reasons I haven't ridden in a long time. Drunk drivers are bad enough, and I'm sure that there are less on the road than used to be. Now we have cell phones, which can make a sober person unware of their surroundings. Couple a cell phone with a drunk, it is a sure case of disaster. I sorry to hear of the family's loss. It just seems to me to be far less safer than it used to be on a motorcycle, traffic wise.

  • seankelly15 Sep 28, 2010

    swtpea44 - Different penal codes.

  • seankelly15 Sep 28, 2010

    sckinton60 - "A woman hit him in the side (she was clearly at fault) but she was not ticketed,..." What evidence was there that she was 'clearly at fault'? And, why did you expect the woman to get a ticket?

  • doots514 Sep 28, 2010

    I agree with you, swtpea44

  • sssh.. whisper Sep 28, 2010

    When a person drives drunk and kills someone he or she should be charged with murder..