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Driver charged in Clayton motorcyclist's death

Posted July 10, 2011

— Charges have been filed against the driver of a passenger van that struck two motorcyclists, killing one, on N.C. Highway 42 in Johnston County last weekend, state troopers said Sunday.

Ellen Kealy, 45, of Clayton, struck the motorcyclists while trying to turn left onto Castleberry Drive from the highway around 12:30 p.m. on July 2, troopers said. She was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to yield.

William Richard, 48, was killed. Frederick Brown, 45, suffered a broken leg.

Troopers said that alcohol, drugs and speed were not factors in the wreck.


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  • bombayrunner Jul 11, 2011

    Dogs_Rules - nice comment bud, be safe.

  • Dogs_Rules Jul 11, 2011

    "an accident is no longer an accident, it is a chargeable offense"

    It never has been just an accident. People need to realize that an automobile is a deadly weapon. The number of people killed on our nation's highways doubles the number of people killed with firearms year in, year out. Yet, I can buy a automobile today, I have to obtain a permit and wait a week to buy a sidearm. When someone is in the driver's seat of a vehicle, they have NOTHING better to do than maintain control of that vehicle, not texting, not phone conversations, lighting a cigarette, not tunning the radio or changing a CD. Drive the vehicle. Maintain your safety bubble. Situational Awareness. Your life and the lives of others are in your hands.

  • lburke2289 Jul 11, 2011

    Cont:be different, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    gopack3. Yes, I know, you are one of those drivers that have never ever made a mistake on the road. I am sure you have never pulled out in front of someone, run a stop sign etc. It must be nice to be so perfect.

  • Dogs_Rules Jul 11, 2011

    ……..And I have to be out there with people like her. It doesn't matter if drugs or alcohol were involved, people who kill people with their vehicles need to be treated the same. This is just pure stupidity and laziness. Cutting corners is something I see drivers do every day. I live close to the T-intersection where this happened and I’ve seen it time and time again. About two months ago, I was leaving Walgreen’s, I was still a full car length from the stop line when a woman in a green Explorer turning left off of Robertson Street cut me off missing my bumper by 3 feet. When I abruptly stopped and sounded my horn, she had the nerve to flip me off. I too ride a motorcycle and have for 40 years and I think about this situation often. This is what drives me nuts about inexperienced riders. They don’t realize these types of situations exist. But in this case, I don’t think she would have seen my F-150.

  • bombayrunner Jul 11, 2011

    lburke2289 - thats why its a blog. You can say whats on your mind and see what people actually think. It is not a sympathy card.

  • gopack3 Jul 11, 2011

    Iburke- whaaaaa! No sympathy for the driver. At all. The person she killed is dead! The law should be more strict toward these airheads and force mandatory jail time.

  • tcndc2 Jul 11, 2011

    This happened as they were waiting to turn off of Castleberry onto 42? or were they coming toward her (west) and she was headed east and turned north?

  • lburke2289 Jul 11, 2011

    cont: above ever making a mistake forgetting that they too have probably made plenty and just got lucky that the outcome wasn’t fatal. I know I have made mistakes and pulled out in front of someone, I am so grateful that nothing bad happened, I got lucky. I know I have had plenty of people pull out in front of me in the same manner so I know I am not the only one that has made this mistake. Motorcycles are harder to see on the road so we do have to be more aware of them. My husband has ridden a motorcycle almost daily for well over 30 years and has had a lot of close calls; he rides as if he is invisible to a lot of other drivers on the road. I am so grateful he is still with us. In today’s world we all want to blame someone and make them pay, an accident is no longer an accident, it is a chargeable offense and I just pray I am never in this situation on either side. Had this driver been doing something negligent, like drinking, drugging, texting etc I am sure my views would

  • lburke2289 Jul 11, 2011

    I really wish comments weren't allowed on stories like this but since they are I would like to add a comment. I am sure the driver in this car and the driver in any ACCIDENT will live with the guilt the rest of their lives knowing that someone died because of their mistake. Those slamming the driver need to think, how often have you been the one to make a mistake and pulled out in front of someone but just got darn lucky nothing bad happened? I bet not one of us can say we haven't. I don't know the people in this accident but I do know a young man that was killed June 16th in the same manner, he was very dear to me. People got on here and bashed this young woman that pulled out in front of him. Do you people not realize that these drivers may look on here and read the comments? Or that family and friends of all parties may read them? I don't believe had the drivers realized they were this close they would have pulled out in front of them. It seems to me that some feel they are

  • bombayrunner Jul 11, 2011

    When near morotcycles ... I'm EXTRA CAREFUL ... especially after working 6 months on an orthopedic ward in a hospital. Half the patients were motorcycle accidents, ALL of them had the same in common -- the driver did not see them, MOST of the drivers were older women (sorry, thats the facts on my ward).