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Driver charged in Cameron Village wreck

Posted September 8, 2011

— A driver who struck three women and damaged a restaurant in the Cameron Village shopping center in Raleigh on Sunday was charged Thursday with careless and reckless driving, police said.

Raleigh police said that Betty Jo Boykin Sledge was pulling into a parking space outside the Noodles and Company restaurant when she accelerated, driving over the curb and into the outdoor seating area.

Sledge's 2003 gold Lexus sedan struck Suzanne Vogel, 31, of Raleigh, Karallen Haire, 31, of Garner, and Judith Igelman, 68, of Wake Forest, at 10 mph, tossing them from their seats, then struck the restaurant.

Vogel and Haire suffered minor cuts and bruises. They were treated at WakeMed and released. Igelman, 68, of Wake Forest, was in good condition at WakeMed on Thursday.

Sledge, 55, of Raleigh, was treated at Rex Hospital and released. Two passengers in her car weren't injured.

It's unclear what caused Sledge to lose control of her car and jump the curb.


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  • Equinox Bandingo Sep 9, 2011

    are there breathalyzer, blood toxicology results?

  • kikinc Sep 9, 2011

    nomorethanthat-The passengers would be considered witnesses, therefore protecting their identity. When I witnessed a car accident, I was listed in the accident report, but my name wasn't made public.

  • nomorethanthat Sep 9, 2011

    archmaker: consider this. Perhaps the car hit the curb at an angle which would cause the car to turn sideways with one of the front drive wheels on the sidewalk and the other on the pavement of the parking space. There were skid marks on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant and more than six feet from the curb that paralleled the front of Noodles.

  • archmaker Sep 9, 2011

    looking at the pictures, i've got two questions: 1) if she was parking in front of noodles, how did the car get sideways? 2) if she was parking to the side of noodles, how did the car get down the entire length of the restaurant before she came to a stop?

    this lady has talent! (considering she was way too young to be having the typical 'blue hair moment' typically seen in cameron village.)

  • nomorethanthat Sep 9, 2011

    There were passengers in the car that struck my 3 friends and we have not seen, read or heard any comment from any of them about what happened. As they were part of the incident their names ought to be in the police report that is available to the news media and public. Why no comment or even declined to comment? Have they been told to keep quiet by the insurance company or do we have to wait until a suit is filed and they are deposed or placed on the witness stand?

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 9, 2011

    Stop with the cell phones already! She hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, it's happened a million times and, yes, even before cell phones!

  • Southern Girl Sep 9, 2011

    This was tragic indeed; however, did they check the cell phone? I think the charge was appropriate. After all, 3 people were injured through no fault of their own. Checking the car should also be done. Somebody was at fault - now, find out who!

  • poorboy Sep 9, 2011

    hopefully toyotos history will be looked out to see if that was part of the problem and the lady just panic when car took off

  • Scubagirl Sep 9, 2011

    I agree, not the fault of the car.

  • udaycoosay Sep 9, 2011

    The driver is at fault, not the car.