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Driver charged after Johnston County chase

Posted October 31, 2010

— Two people were injured after a high-speed chase in Johnston County late Saturday, the Highway Patrol said.

Troopers said Elmer Velasequz, 34, is charged with felony resisting arrest and serious injury. He is also charged with DWI, driving with a revoked license, failure to reduce speed, reckless driving and running a red light and stop sign.

Troopers said Velasequz is also charged with driving 100 mph in 55 mph, 65 mph and 70 mph zones.

The chase ended on N.C. Highway 210 in Smithfield when the car Velasequz was driving ran off the road and hit a power pole. The passenger, whose name was not released, was ejected from the vehicle.

Velasequz and the passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries.


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  • trugangsta885 Nov 1, 2010

    LOL WOW i am huh so im the one that said they should send him and all his relatives back to his country right...yup i said that...u need to remember wat u said. and dont worry how i know i just know iight

  • babedan Nov 1, 2010

    do you know for a fact he is a citizen? I asked the question because we have too many illegals in this country to begin with, and two, too many drinking and driving.

    As for me being a racist, no, I'm not, you however are because your too dang touchy on the subject. And by the way, I'm not your buddy, never have been, never would be.

  • trugangsta885 Nov 1, 2010

    you guys r like drama queens and of course racist.what does it matter if he is here legally or not but of course thats wat all north carolina is good for is being a bunch of racist punks. of course wat he did was wrong but wat does his legal status has to do with these anyways... so babedan ur a racist buddy and by the way he a citizen in this country so dont worry bout that dont waste ur time callin INS u

  • go4gin Nov 1, 2010

    What they left out is this guy was trying to avoid a DUI checkpoint on Gailelee Rd ( not sure of the spelling, sorry).

  • babedan Nov 1, 2010

    Is this individual here legal, inquiring minds want to know. Reason, If this is his second arrest, why is he here in the first place. He should be back in his home country along with any and all relatives who he has here too.

    If he is here legally, then he should not see the light of day again for years. But he has probably already made his $100.00 bail and may or may not show up at court. If he does show I wonder if he'll be sober?

  • didisaythat Nov 1, 2010


    Well if he would have hit you, you could sue the SHP and any other law enforcement agency for the criminals actions. That appears to be what most people do. You may have made some easy money. Well I am glad you didn't get hurt. The above statement was sarcasim for those that don't get it.

  • sjhschik08 Nov 1, 2010

    I was almost hit by this guy. I was coming down 301 in front of Holt Lake in Four Oaks/Smithfield and he passed going about 100mph along with about 6 troopers chasing him and almost hit me. Not too long after he passed me, he wrecked taking out a light pole. I thank God he missed me, I probably would have been killed.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 1, 2010

    I so agree with you beachboater.

  • beachboater Nov 1, 2010

    Just a thought, and it has no relation to this case, because the article doesn't address it.

    How 'bout we pass legislation to require any DWI with no license and determined to be here illegally, which persons call likely not show up in court. I know a long drawn out sentence that makes no sense on it's own. Sentence them to work for the county to pay for their time in jail and then fines. In other words, not let them out until their debt is paid.

    If they are found not guilty, pay them minimum wages less the cost of housing them for the period from arrest to prosecution. That might actually be a detterent although I doubt it.

    Just a Monday thought.

  • lvhv2003 Nov 1, 2010

    Here we go again! Another DWI and DWLR scofflaw trolling our roads looking for someone to kill. The legislature needs to do something about all these drunks driving on revoked licenses. Currently,as I watch DWI cases in Cumberland Co. court, the drunk driver may get a DWI conviction but the DWLR almost always goes away. Is this the plea deal? To the district attorneys all over NC, please prosecute the DWLRs as well if it goes to trial. Throw the book at these drunks. These bums continue to drive without licenses and the consequences need to be more severe. How about opening a DWI prison at one of the closed down prisons? Give them intensive treatment and rehabilitation but make them accountable for their crimes. We are still way too soft on drunk driving and driving while license revoked here in NC. It is home grown domestic terrorism!