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DOT worker busted in drug sting

Posted July 28, 2008
Updated July 30, 2008

— A state Department of Transportation worker was charged Monday with drug trafficking after authorities said he sold methadone to an undercover officer.

Wesley Nelson Carey was charged with five counts of trafficking in methadone and one count each of maintaining a vehicle to keep a controlled substance and dispensing a prescription without a license.

Carey, a dump truck driver with the DOT, was arrested at a road construction site near Selma. He was being held on a $260,000 bond.

DOT spokesman Steve Abbott said the agency was cooperating with law enforcement authorities on the case.

The arrest followed a two-month undercover investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation and the Johnston County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said they purchased 50 methadone pills and found more pills in the cab of a DOT truck.

Methadone is a painkiller that also is used to help heroin addicts break their drug addictions.


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  • Seeminglyopposed Jul 29, 2008

    See if they had given all the state employees that 88% percent raise, this would have prevented this entire mess. That is what his story is and he should stick with it! Especially to the state officials, his actions were illegal, but he figured if the governor and his wife can use government vehicles for non-state things, why shouldn't he be allowed to. That would be my story and I would stick to it! LOL

  • veyor Jul 29, 2008

    I wish DOT would let enough people go that they would have enough money to cut the grass on the side of the road. It's getting so you can't see the mailboxes.

  • m0nky Jul 29, 2008

    what the heck does this guy working for DOT have to do with anything? he's a dump truck driver. OH GOD! EVERYONE IN DOT IS CORRUPT AND DOING DRUGS.

    is that really the best way you could spin this article?

  • malave27896 Jul 29, 2008

    I hope that the state really puts it to him for the crime he did. I'm not talking abou a slap on the wrist that they give some of these people the rape and murder others...he needs to have a hard punishment. I hope our tax money is worth it...

  • ncsingledad2boys Jul 28, 2008

    mrs nana, it is automatic dismissal, the action they are refering too is the state pressing charges of there own against him for being in a state vehicle, i hope they do, its dumbazzs like him who make the rest look bad ! i reckon he was going to get his raise one way or the other, instead of someone higher up putting the drug money in their pocket

  • Nana Jul 28, 2008

    I thought it was automatic dismissal for any NC State employee who either was doing drugs or had in their possession drugs????
    Maybe I am wrong? Any comments???? If I am right, why does DOT have to determine what disciplinary action to take? I think the obvious is at hand.
    An old fashioned granny.

  • Wags Jul 28, 2008

    I think this was also an episode of The Soprano's.

  • blackdog Jul 28, 2008

    The SOURCE of this methodone confiscated should be immediately investigated and discover the source. No one using it for pain management would let any go. It was either stollen or scammed.

  • blackdog Jul 28, 2008

    The actual #1 killer drug in the Uninted States is ALCOHOL.

  • blackdog Jul 28, 2008

    My ex roomate at college was mangled from repeted operations to his spine and has to take morphene. Each and every dose has to be accounted for and any extra usage would create a day of writhing pain, so he doesn't even think of abuse. I can only hope anyone trying to remove pain management drugs from the scene never have need for such powerful medicines.