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DOT Sending Anti-Litter Message to N.C. Drivers

Posted July 27, 2007

— In an attempt to cut down on roadside trash, the state Department of Transportation is including a litter-prevention message with vehicle registration renewals.

The DOT plans to distribute 1 million fliers, which inform drivers of the importance of properly securing loads and include an anti-litter message from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

The DOT spent $16.6 million last year to remove more than 10 million pounds of roadside litter. The Highway Patrol issued more than 2,100 citations for littering and unsecured loads.

For more information about litter prevention, call 800-331-5864 or see the .


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  • ez Jul 28, 2007

    turkeydance - I disagree with " inmates cost too much to pick up litter on a consistent basis. " statement. It doesn't take 4 guards, driver, and outhouse to operate a crew of inmates. For 16.6M that N.C. paid last year can pay for a lot of inmate crews. N.C. needs to research other states that have an inmate trash pickup program and adopt one.

  • IfByWhiskey-a-go-go Jul 28, 2007

    The transformation of NC from a pristine and beautiful state 25 years ago when I got here to now (25 years)is just incredible. A bit of paper trash here and there is not the problem. This place now looks like a genuine trash dump. Five gallon buckets, full size pieces of plywood, barbecue grills, pallets, toilets, you name it, it's out there. And it's both sad and disgusting.

  • 1Moms_View Jul 28, 2007

    Fox, that is too funny. Part of the trash that ends up on the side of road by our house gets thrown out by passing cars. Lot of beer bottles and food trash. It really ticks me off when these worthless jerks throw glass bottles and hit my pasture fence. The end up in my pasture where one of my horses could step on them. I don't need injured hooves here because of careless, thoughtless people. One night, a neighbor witnessed punks stopping and trying to hit my horses with bottles til he shot his gun in the air. They bolted then.

    The rest of "my" trash comes from a neighbor that once her WM container is full, puts bags of trash on the ground. Yeah right, like the neighborhood dogs running loose don't instantly head for those bags. Several of us come home with their trash scattered all over our drives and in front of our pastures. I started using something to pick it up and putting it back up her drive. After 3 or 4 weeks, I stopped noticing them putting bags out on the groun

  • peacebee Jul 27, 2007

    Most places I go, I pick up other people's trash. On walks in the park, in the mall, at work...each time out, try to pick something up and throw it away. Helps a little, I guess. Construction in my neighborhood now, and the work crews throw trash out all over - blows into my yard. They eat a lot of snack food, use Trojan condoms, and get coffee in styrofoam cups at the gas station. Some people just don't care about anything but themselves. I hope the litter crackdown helps!

  • ladyblue Jul 27, 2007

    yrautwit--You are right about two kinds of people. We have those that litter and those that don't. The ones that litter intentionally are the same ones who grew not with no respect. If you have respect you won't litter some where else that is not your home. Then you got them that litter anywhere. They have no respect for anyone.

  • turkeydance Jul 27, 2007

    1. inmates cost too much to pick up litter on a consistent basis.
    four guards+transportation+driver+port-a-Johns+etc.
    2. Durham county estimated a private contractor would charge
    $800 a mile for trash pickup (this was over 10 years ago).
    3. alternative: NC pays $200 per mile to whoever will Adopt
    a Highway (subject to approval and supervision). the Boy
    Scouts/churches/school groups would like that.

  • yruatwit Jul 27, 2007

    Cute little reminders in your vehicle registration renewal notice is a novel idea but will have virtually no effect on reducing littering. For all intents and purposes, there are two types of people, those that litter and those that don't. Those that litter are completely indifferent, in fact, indignant toward efforts to reduce littering. Education campaigns are virtually useless for that individual. Those that don't litter are environmentally and community appearance aware and conduct themselves accordingly. To make a major impact on littering requires unrelenting enforcement and fines and/or jail time so stiff that those that litter finally get it. Responsible citizens..........If you witness a litterbug, call 1-877-368-4968 and report it (Swat-A-Litterbug Program)

  • raybetty99 Jul 27, 2007

    A good way to secure items in the back of your truck is put them in a trash container. Secure the top of the container with a bungee cord hooked to the handles so the top will not blow off. Another way to secure items in the back of a truck is with a net. A net allows the air to flow through while holding items in place. You can make a scroll net by attaching netting to two plastic pipes with screws. Roll it up like a scroll and keep it in your truck bed. It's handy to secure one item or a whole load strapped down with rope or bungee cords.

  • The Fox Jul 27, 2007

    Just do like my Dad did. Someone dumped bags of trash at the end of the road where he lives. He dug through it, found the owner's name on bills. He boxed it up and mailed it back to them - after adding some of his own garbage of course.

  • raybetty99 Jul 27, 2007

    I think this is a great idea!! A lot of people do not know they can get charged for accidental littering such as litter blowing out of their truck beds, trailers, trunk of their car and even open windows.

    I do have a praise though. DOT does a good job. We travel west on I-85 and I-40 quite often to visit our children. This is a beautiful stretch of Interstate especially between Winston Salem and Statesville. Usually we see a crew of inmates out cleaning the road and for the most part it always looks nice. Monday of this week, this section had been freshly mowed and there was very little litter. Absolutely beautiful. I even took a picture while riding along.

    I could kick myself for not having my camera handy though when we got behind a truck loaded with Port-A-Johns. Just before exiting the Interstate, toilet paper got sucked out of an opening somewhere and it was coming out by the yards. Within a few seconds the whole back end of that load was wrapped with toilet paper. It w