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DOT: Cary intersection won't get traffic light after fatal wreck

Posted March 20, 2012

— The state Department of Transportation has determined that a traffic light is not appropriate at the Cary intersection where two people were killed in a wreck last month, a town engineer said Tuesday.

DOT engineers were investigating the safety of the Cary Parkway/West Chatham Street intersection where a speeding car crashed into Martikia Adams, 22, of Raleigh, and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Brian Cobb, of Cary, killing them.

The couple had a 2-year-old daughter.

State engineers met with Cary engineers Tuesday to discuss other options besides a stoplight to control traffic at the intersection. They plan to meet again next month.

On Feb. 12, Adams was trying to make a left turn off West Chatham Street onto Cary Parkway when her Saturn crossed into the path of a Dodge Avenger, police said. The driver of the Avenger, Meghan Sladek, 22, of Apex, was charged with speeding, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 45 days in jail.

Neighbors have said the intersection is dangerous.

"I've almost been hit by people who just come down, don't even think about the stop sign," Howard Kelly said last month. "In the morning, when they're going to work, they just come right out and make the left without even stopping, so there's always accidents here."


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  • readme Mar 21, 2012

    People run lights just like they run stop signs.

  • Road-wearier Mar 21, 2012

    "Other than a traffic light, what will slow down the Cary Parkway speeders?"

    A big two lane roundabout :)

  • jsok123 Mar 21, 2012

    How fast was the speeding car going? 65 maybe? Through that area I wouldn't be surprised

  • floydthebarber Mar 21, 2012

    Thank you engineers for doing your job- recognizing that completely stopping the flow of traffic at this intersection is a BAD idea, and might just even lead to more crashes where people suddenly must brake on a thoroughfare.

    I stand firm in my belief that a "left turn onto chatham only" barrier should be constructed, so that nobody can ever make the fatal left turn this family did. Everybody wins in that scenario.

    And put up some HUGE stop signs / reflectors while you're at it.

  • moogies Mar 21, 2012

    Not sure what NCDOT see or don't see that constitutes not putting a stop light there. But from what I'm hearing, and also believe from what I've seen on occasion, folks don't obey the speed and traffic laws and often feel the laws are for others, not them. Therefore that often leads to the sad events that killed these two folks. Not sure if the DOT would consider a blinking yellow/red light there. Perhaps that would signal a heavily travelled intersection where additional caution needs to be applied. At least then the Cary Pkwy traffic would not have to stop, but would be signalled to slow down a bit or ease up and those from W Chatham would still have to stop, but at least a blinking red light would catch their attention better. Bottom line though, if people don't want to obey the laws, nothing will make them do so until they lose their own lives, sadly.

  • Tax Man Mar 21, 2012

    I live near this intersection and believe they should put a traffic light here - so many folks come speeding down Cary Parkway that you have a hard time judging when you can make the left turn onto Cary Parkway from W Chatham. If no light can be placed there they should make it Right turn only onto Cary Parkway like they did at YMCA drive when they had the same problem there. Drivers can always go out W Chatham to Old Apex to Cary Parkway to get a light.

  • kb4mdy Mar 21, 2012

    These are the same NCDOT engineers who decided the not-exactly 2-lane traffic circle at the NC State Bell tower was a great idea. The circle that is about to be modified, because of 300+ accidents in less than 2 years. They may understand roads, but they don't seem to understand the thought processes of NC drivers. Other than a traffic light, what will slow down the Cary Parkway speeders?

  • seankelly15 Mar 21, 2012

    luvmynmls - "...he stated that the NCDOT designs roads and intersections to a Level of Service (LOS) of D. LOS is scaled like grades in school, A-F (plus I think there is an E). How many people out there really think a D is acceptable? And the DOT actually DESIGNS to this standard, esentially designing to fail! And we wonder why we have problems such as this one on Cary Pkwy."

    See... this is where an education in the subject matter would have helped you. These are not "grades" - there is a LOS of E - there is no grade of 'E' in schools. LOS of A is an average spacing between cars of 27 car lengths... B is 16 car lengths... C is 11 car lengths... D is 8 car lengths.... E is 6 and F is bumper to bumper. It would be deluxe if we could design and build roads to the highest LOS but that is not practical from a cost or land perspective.

  • kikinc Mar 21, 2012

    I hate that people lost their lives, but this is not a blind intersection. You can see traffic coming. You can't have a stoplight every time there's an intersection.

  • RAA0013 Mar 21, 2012

    I utilized that intersection twice a day every weekday for 7.5 years. And like someone else said - it's not a true intersection. But I often saw people running the stop sign from W. Chatam to turn onto Cary Pkwy AND speeders on Cary Parkway. Both part of the problem. Add to that people trying to turn left off Cary Pkwy onto W. Chatham cutting in front of oncoming traffic because they were in a rush. All these things are fixable if people would slow down and follow the driving laws already in place. And if those people currently ignore the driving laws that are there to protect them - what's to say they wouldn't run a red light anyway (not that one would even make sense there!)

    It's not worth losing your life to save 2 minutes of time. Slow down people!!!