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Donors Get New Fridge For Tigers, Friends

Posted July 10, 2007

— An exotic animal sanctuary received enough donations to replace a broken cooler that stores meats and fruits for its animals.

"We have been absolutely amazed at the speedy and overwhelmingly generous response from the public to our plea for help last week," said excutive director Pam Fulk.

The 20-year-old compressor for the Carnivore Trust's walk-in cooler went kaput last week, threatening to spoil more than 100 boxes of bananas and other fruit.

The nonprofit received more than $14,000 in cash and other in-kind donations this past week, said Fulk. The animals' food supply will be kept fresh by a new walk-in cooler and back-up refrigeration unit, Fulk said.

Robert Rehkop of C.C. Dickson, Phil Spaulding of Cold Shot Refrigeration and Mark Herman of MSH Consulting Group are all providing products and service for free or at deep discounts, said Fulk.

The CPT houses 85 animals on its 32-acre compound on Hank's Chapel Road south of Pittsboro, from tigers to kinkajous, a tropical cousin of the raccoon, to a binturong, a Southeast Asia bearcat.


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  • Silver loves Rebel Red puppies Jul 11, 2007

    I remember the story about the panhandler who worked the intersection out by Crabtree Valley Mall, made so much money doing it that he didn't need to work. I've known people in the past who would hit the food bank every time there was a hurricane even though they didn't lose power, and hit any church or other organization giving out free stuff at christmas, and these were households with a least one person working full time if not more. Funny, I've never met a "poor" person that was ever out of cigarettes.
    Domestic animals depend on their humans for care. Wild animals that have been attempted to be domesticated can't be released into the wild anymore, because they don't know and were never taught how to fend for themselves in the wild. When your tiger cub becomes 900 pounds and still wants to sit in your lap and be rocked to sleep at times, then you have a problem. Personally, I'd much rather help support an animal shelter or animal rescue than one or more human scammers any time

  • phantassy Jul 11, 2007

    I've been out there in the past, they do great by these animals. I just had read a story where one of their tigers had been placed at a zoo years ago, and now the zoo was closing and they were going to be returning this tiger back to Pittsboro. Kind of neat that they will be able to place her back with her former cage-mate again. They also took in the two small tiger cubs that were found on the roadside up in the mountains about a year and a half ago. If you check their website, they do tours, etc.

  • twowolves Jul 11, 2007

    I have volunteered out at the trust on several occassions. This place exists because all the animals out there were taken from people who thought it would be " cool" to have a wild animal as a pet. Many of these animals have suffered terrible cruelty at the hands of human ( some are blind, some are missing limbs) and can not be returned to the wild.

  • skinnycow Jul 11, 2007

    OALA-I agree. I work with a lady who goes down town during XMAS time to get the presents from the salvation army or whomever gives it out to get free toys for her kids basically when she is gainfully employed and gets support. It is not fair that a few bad apples take away from those who really need it. People are selfish and uncaring. I never thought about the endangered wildlife being unable to fend for themselves. Thank you for giving me a different perspective.

  • OALA Jul 11, 2007

    Geisha Girl-
    I think the problem is with perception. These animals have been taken out of their natural environment and now cannot fend for themselves, therefore we must help in order to ensure their survival (or put them back where they belong). But sometimes people feel that the human beings (who need help) aren't doing enough to help themselves. It only takes one person pulling a scam to make a group of people look bad. While the majority of people who visit the food bank or panhandle probably need it, the ones who take advantage of it while not needing it ruins it for others (I had a friend who would "grocery shop" at the food bank and other places where they handed out food for free because it saved him on his overall grocery bill- made me sick!)

  • skinnycow Jul 11, 2007


    I guess we are over populating the earth and they no longer have a natural habitat or renegade poachers or hunters are looming and to ensure their safety this man-made sanctuary is the safest place for them. It just seems people go way over board for their animals but will treat another human being lower than an animal.

  • justlisten Jul 11, 2007

    I agree with you Geisha Girl. But I do have a question...How come this sanctuary is here, to preserve endangered animals? To me it seems the animals would be much happier in their natural habitat.

    Just wondering...

  • skinnycow Jul 11, 2007

    It seems kind of ironic to me that donors got together to give this place a much needed fridge for animal meats & fruits yet there was a story about the food pantry for the mission or salvation army running low and yet they recieved no donations at all? I am glad the animals got their fridge. Now can we help the human beings that somehow cant help themselves?

  • computer trainer Jul 11, 2007

    That is just wonderful. I am so glad that they got that fridge.