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DOC: Convicted murderer cut correctional officers with razor

Posted April 14, 2009

— An inmate serving a life sentence for murder attacked two correctional officers with a razor at the Scotland County Correctional Facility Saturday, a state Department of Correction spokesman said.

The guards were trying to get Omar Lionel Reed, 30, back into his cell when he pulled out a disposable razor hidden in his sleeve, spokesman Mike Stater said. Reed cut one officer on the face, and the other on the arm.

Both officers were expected to be OK, Stater said. Reed was charged with assault.

Reed, a known gang member in Durham, was convicted in the June 2000 murder of William Teasley, 31, at his Enterprise Street home during a robbery.

Before his sentencing in 2002, Reed used a homemade knife to overpower a guard and escape from the Durham County Courthouse. He was re-captured a few hours later. At the time, Durham County sheriff's office officials said Reed said he was "was not going to go back" to prison.

According to DOC records, Reed has committed 68 infractions during his incarceration, including involvement with a gang and sexual acts. Most recently, he set a fire, threw liquids at prison staff and tampered with a lock in February 2008.


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  • dianevelluc Apr 15, 2009

    colliedave you are right unit one admin seg unit at central prison the right place to be 23 hr lock up a day~

  • blondton13 Apr 15, 2009

    A waste of space if you ask me.

  • lumberman Apr 15, 2009

    Prime subject for the death penalty

  • Timetogo Apr 15, 2009

    NO sympathy.. instead of a life sentance where he can do more harm to inmates (who MAY be behaving) and guards... let him have the needle. Then he won't have to endure the cell any longer..(and we won't have to pay for this murderer's temper tantrums) Win-win for all!

  • doinbizzness Apr 15, 2009

    BANG!!!!!!! done

  • angora2 Apr 15, 2009

    "They can be shaved by barbers."

    Oh yeah? Find a barber who wants that job! "Omar, hold real still while I shave you with this razor. Remember it's MY razor so don't try to take it away, okay?"

  • angora2 Apr 15, 2009

    rushbot, amygdalectomy is an excellent idea! But it took me ten minutes to find out what the heck the amygdala does. Thanks for the challenge!

  • purplepat777 Apr 15, 2009

    It sounds like this guy is determined to get beat up, or worse. I don't know what the system can do with someone like this but I don't think it'll end well for him.

  • SO LOW Apr 15, 2009

    This MONSTER has 31 charges and 68 infractions, I say it's time for him to hang by his neck in a noose! HELLO BEV, the judicial system: Nothing else will work! He is a strain to society in the worst way- the people who are there can't even do anything with this MONSTER- he is a threat to EVERYONE... just imagine those poor CO's they are going to have to deal with him again for little money! This is a shame!

  • her3me24 Apr 15, 2009

    Uh....atlast...you must have lost your mind somewhere on Capital Blvd...the prisoner pulled a razor. The prisoner sustained no injuries. So, they didnt even harm him after they were sliced up. Not all people are good people, there are bad people everywhere, in every community, in every race, creed, national origin, and sex....please stop making excuses for peoples bad and violent behavior by trying to place the blame elsewhere. You get up everyday and make your own decisions, no one makes them for you, just like this prisoner. Excuses across the board need to end. If you break the rule, accept your punishment, end of story....I am sick of hearing WHY.