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DNA links Burlington man to cold-case rapes in Carrboro

Posted December 28, 2010

— Police said Tuesday that they have charged a Burlington man with raping three Carrboro women in 2005 and 2006.

Frank Cruz, 33, of 224 Rolling Road, is charged with four counts of second-degree rape, two counts of first-degree burglary, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, five counts of second-degree sexual offense, two counts of attempted second-degree sexual offense and two counts of communicating threats.

Cruz was initially arrested in October when DNA evidence implicated him in a March 2006 rape, police said. Tests on evidence from rape cases from November 2005 and January 2006 led to the latest charges against Cruz, police said.

He is being held in the Orange County jail.


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  • didisaythat Dec 28, 2010

    Inter Alios,

    You assume they are innocent and being railroaded. How dare the state attempt to convict criminals. Why is it you think these poor saps you refer to are innocent. Every person that was charged had an involvement in the crime. But you are going to take the word of a criminal or defense attorney ( I think the two terms are interchangeable) Both have an agenda. Does the police? I don't see how. they get paid whether the person is charged or not. The DA yes has an agenda...but no more than the criminal or defense attorny...but you believe the latter. OK.

  • Stand-In-The-Door Dec 28, 2010

    SNIP! SNIP! And away it goes.

  • jrfergerson Dec 28, 2010

    Now lets see if the justice system works with the judges having the guts to do their job and send this rapist to prison for a long long time.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Dec 28, 2010

    the people: "If he is not guilty ;think what he may go thru!!! Muma case maybe?????? think about it it could be you that ain't guilty by misstake.."

    I would have quoted more. But I had a hard enough time understanding what you were talking about. Actually, I still don't know. I'm assuming you believe this guy might be innocent. WHY would you even bring that up? This guy is dead to rights with DNA proof he was involved in each crime scene. Why? And can you summarize what you were saying in two sentences? I got lost in all of the babbling. Seemed as though you were just typing notes about your thoughts

  • WHEEL Dec 28, 2010

    Who did the testing, the ballerina at the SBI lab thinks she knows more about blood analysis than the FBI?

  • Inter Alios Dec 28, 2010

    didisaythat: those obstructionist lawyers! How dare them stand in the way of our corrupt prosecutors railroading some poor sap into prison for an offense he didn't commit (you know those technicalities to which you refer), and uncoverning those carefully disguised test results from that fine organization called the SBI. How dare them!

  • RB-1 Dec 28, 2010

    Blessed they have him so the wienee can hurt no one else.

    Now try him, and if found guilty, give him a sentence that counts - like life in prison where there are no women he can ever rape again.

    Praying for those he hurt and for those that love them, cause a rape generally affects the entire family.

  • anne53ozzy Dec 28, 2010

    tictock...are you nuts? i hope the day never comes when you or a family member or friend is sexually assaulted. time is not the issue and in mose cases these sexual deviants assault again. This is not a case where someone committed a misdemeanor and has moved on. Sexual offenses agaainst women are under reported and if this perv has many of them ( or any of them), he is where he belongs and should stay there.

  • the people Dec 28, 2010

    What if he is not guilty,,,,,just another misstake with no legal council that cares,because DA friends with other person representing the victime ,but few some times don't really remain objective,to try evidence to fullest degree!!!!! Is person really GUILty or are they just a victim by circumstance!!!! Wrong place wrong time!!! If Officers even know some thing ain't right but they can not come forward,because they could loose job.... system does not like Officers coming forward to make Chief of what ever Agency it may be..At Will is what we work AT!!!! Real decisions we all need to make of the Whole system..Make the Chief look bad in Law Enforcement ,even if he is wrong you will pay the price!!!! Lived; heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriosly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the people Dec 28, 2010

    If he is not guilty ;think what he may go thru!!! Muma case maybe?????? think about it it could be you that ain't guilty by misstake..Actual innocents maybe a good idea...Jumping to conclusions is popular in laW Enforcemnet but those won't say this because a pay check is involved!!!! I worked behind scenes ,I heard some things Johnny cochran would sit up for!!!!! Conclusions are jumped to about you being guilty,but very slow to follow evidence that say's you are not because in charge hate the WORD we MADe a misstake will very seldom will be said if those in charge know there is some thing FISHY!! This is for real..Instead of seek out truth they let it go for lawyers to handle it..admitt nothing is the Rule.....SAD to say it ,but I have walked behind line ;yes;blue line!!!!!!!!