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DMV to beef up security on driver licenses

Posted July 1, 2010

— The state Division of Motor Vehicles plans to overhaul the way it produces driver licenses and identification cards to make them more tamper-resistant, officials said Thursday.

By 2012, DMV-issued licenses and ID cards will carry black-and-white photographs taken by a camera with multiple lenses. The resulting photo will be engraved into the cards with a laser, providing a clearly identifiable, three-dimensional image, officials said.

The cards also will be made of a more durable polycarbonate material than the one currently used. Multiple layers will be fused together and cannot be removed without leaving evidence of tampering, officials said.

The new cards will meet national security requirements, they said.

The state Department of Transportation has awarded a seven-year, $47.5 million contract to Alexandria, Va.-based MorphoTrak-Safran Group for the equipment to produce the new cards. Officials said DMV's existing budget will cover the higher cost of the cards, so the fee for obtaining a driver's license isn't expected to increase because of the new technology.


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  • randerson5111 Jul 1, 2010

    I hope that since and if the DMV are gonna make changes once again that they make sure the pictures dont fade after just a couple of years. Mine has.Some stores like Wal-Mart dont want to take it due to the picture fading so bad. As far as tamper resistant, good luck. Theres gonna be somebody with too much time on their hands that will find a way

  • sinenomine Jul 1, 2010

    Great. Now my driver's license picture will look as bad as always but in 3-D.

  • 6079 SMITH W Jul 1, 2010

    Clarification Squad: The term "Democrat" is NOT interchangeable with "Communist" or "Liberal". I am registered democrat, and I don't wear a uniform, or walk in "lockstep" with anyone.

    Common sense is preferable to nonsense, so let us put our party affiliations aside and work on solving this mess together.....as long as we are so bitterly divided, our political leaders will be hesitant to take relevant action because there is a misconception that all republicans are bigoted racists who are against immigration reform, (not true) and all democrats are socialist, commie, liberals who wish to open our country to invasion by illegal immigrants. (not true, either)

    If our "leaders" can see that we ARE ALL fed up, then just maybe they might be willing to take action without fear of being voted out.....we can only hope. The majority of Americans who are against amnesty don't all belong to the same party....which is why we are in this mess to begin with.

  • wade010204 Jul 1, 2010

    HUMMMM... Wonder why the NC State Government can't get a handle on things?

    Outsourcing to VA for this???

    Come on!

  • Inter Alios Jul 1, 2010

    If anything at DMV needs beefing up it is the telephone answering staff. Waiting 30+ minutes to speak with a live person about a problem is ridiculous.

  • Chapel Hill Conservative Jul 1, 2010

    From the article: "The new cards will meet national security requirements, they said."

    So, are we going to be looking at NC's version of a new national identity card?

    BTW cam7002... I hear they make some decaf's that taste as good as the regular stuff. ;)

  • cwood3 Jul 1, 2010

    What a can of worms!! CAM7002- what's your problem??? Obviously-Comrade Obama has NO CLUE how to run this country. Every time something goes wrong-it's someone else's fault-most time "W".

    WEll sooner or later, this country will realize that the rule of law is important. Make the lisences as tamper proof as posible-and increase the penaties big time for tampering. Driving without a lisence IS WRONG!! Driving with or carrying a FAKE lisence is wrong. Sooner or later, when insurance rates go thru the roof because of all the uninsured motorist claims, maybe you libs will look back and realize the rule of law is important.

    NA-that would require thinking instead of being in lock step with Comrade Obama!! When he says jump, you commie libs ask how high.

  • Duke _Nukem Jul 1, 2010

    LOL. Your about 10 years to late DMV

  • baracus Jul 1, 2010

    "Here comes the $25 drivers license."

    Bring it on. Just paid $32 to renew mine.

  • Justin T. Jul 1, 2010

    Now you'll be able to see your P.O.'d, blurry DMV face in 3D. Wow.