Dix negotiations continue

Posted May 30, 2014

Dorothea Dix property in fall

— City and state leaders have agreed to extend for 30 days the negotiations over the fate of the Dorothea Dix property, a 306-acre stretch of land just outside of downtown that Raleigh leaders would like to turn into a destination park.

In order to cool down controversy over a disputed land deal between former Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat, and city leaders, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the city inked a "standstill agreement" last year. That agreement said the two sides would hold off on legal hostilities while they tried to reach a new deal over the land. Dorothea Dix property Dorothea Dix documents

The two sides have since traded proposals but have not reached a deal. The standstill agreement was due to expire on Sunday.

"We are still talking and working stuff out," said Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane.

She said the negotiations were ongoing and heading toward an agreement.

"I think we'll wrap it up fine," she said. 

To give both sides more time to talk and reach an agreement, McFarlane said, city and state leaders have agreed to a 30-day extension. It will now expire on June 30. 

A spokesman with the state Department of Administration confirmed that Secretary Bill Daughtridge signed the 30-day extension.


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  • Arthur Raleigh Jun 3, 2014
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    If the state wants to get rid of the land they should lease or sale to Raleigh. That is the best option. We don't need another subdivision or shopping center!

  • coolwill43 Jun 3, 2014

    The city is planning this year to raise your property tax a lot. The city is planning this year to raise your sewer rates a lot. They are planning on giving the city workers a 2 to 4 percent raise, a lot of us in the private sector would love to get those kinds of raises these days. There is a bond that has come do for roads that were voted for in an election. We already pay for roads, where is that money going . You have to remember people that don’t have Mortgage are voting for you to pay more for yours so putting it on a ballot is a win for the city (bonds always pass). I also believe the county is also going to raise mortgage tax. We don’t need another park at this time of any kind. The city has all of the mortgage owner address send a proxy to us. I think those that don’t pay mortgage shouldn’t vote to raise my taxes. Another way to do it fairly is raise the sales tax for all of us to pay. Stop the madness.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Jun 2, 2014

    Walk on Dix campus at night and check out the view of the city; that's why they want it. I totally agree that view and the space in general should not be limited to state employees and the minority of people who ignore the "official use only" signs and enjoy the space now (everyone should).

    All of that said, I agree that Raleigh can't afford it. For the state tax payers to be made whole, the state needs to own enough space to house those employees after the deal and perhaps come out ahead on the money (a fair case can be made for breaking even).

    Buy most of the land and as long as the state has enough money to build space for staff it should work out fine. Even better, agree that the city can take advantage of the state parking on the weekends and evenings for special events.

  • skeeter II Jun 2, 2014

    A group has pledged to raise four million dollars to PLAN the new park. Why has the overview of what will be in the park not been publicized? The cost must be a HUGH amount of money if it will cost four million to PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can Raleigh afford to buy the PARK and then come up with the money to carryout the PLAN? I think NOT with all the other needs of the City.

    Why not put to a vote by the citizens of Raleigh on the November 2014 ballot? There could be three questions, in sequence.

    ONE Do you support the purchase of the Dix property to have a Raleith Central Park?
    TWO Do you support issuing Bonds to pay for the purchase of the Dix property?
    THREE Do you support a tax increase to either purchase the Dix property or to pay off the Bonds?

    The results of the election would clearly indicate whether the citizens of Raleigh want there to be a Central Raleigh Park.

    I do not think the State will put part of the sales proceeds in a fund for Dix hazardous waste cleanup.

  • Garnerwolf1 Jun 2, 2014

    The land is worth MUCH, MUCH more than what the city is offering. In fact, it will cost substantially more to relocate the workers there now than the city is offering. Good thing for Raleigh, but bad for state taxpayers.

  • skeeter II May 31, 2014

    Raleigh does not need the Dix campus and can not afford to purchase it. Nothing has been told to the citizens of Raleigh of where the purchase money will come from.

    It was stated earlier that a group has been PLANNING for Dix Hospital to be emptied so the land would become available. A group has pledged to raise four million dollars to PLAN the use of the property. Four million dollars to PLAN? What does this suggest about the total cost to carry out the PLAN? Are we thinking of A Carawinds type operation for the property? Why not keep it a WALKING PARK? Pullen Park is just across Western Blvd with rides, a indoor pool, places to picnic, etc.
    Why do certain individuals and groups so desperately want Dix Campus for a PARK?

    I do not think the citizens of Raleigh want this PARK! Why not put it on November ballot for citizens to say YES or NO to the purchase and YES or NO to the financing?

    Are they afraid that the vote will be NO to either or both questions? VOTE NO!

  • Larry Hatch May 31, 2014
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    Why don't our leaders, who say they are working in taxpayer's interest, decide that $5-10 million of the transaction go to reducing taxes. That way this wonderful "destination park" (and man y others statewide) can be actually seen because a tank of gas will be a bit more affordable.