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Disney Waste Generates Power, Fertilizer

Posted March 2, 2014

Disney's massive theme park complex in Orlando, Florida is a sight to behold -- and it includes a ton of restaurants that generate a formidable amount of food waste on a daily basis. That waste could be tossed (horrors!) or composted (much better choice!) but an even better use for it is being developed: a plant that turns it into electricity and fertilizer.

When waste reaches the plant, it enters massive digestion tanks, where microorganisms gobble it up and generate a waste product called biogas, which can be burned in generators for electricity. That electricity can go right back to Disney to power the company's facilities. Meanwhile, any remainers can be cooked by the heat from the generators to turn them into sterile fertilizer.

Talk about coming full circle! This kind of innovative use of restaurant waste must be a delight to Orlando electricians.

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