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DHHS secretary's email to lawmakers

Posted September 6, 2013

— DHHS Sec. Aldona Wos sent the following email to lawmakers on Sept. 6, 2013. 

From: Wos, Aldona
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 3:22 PM
Subject: Contracts at the Department of Health and Human Services

Senators and Representatives:

In light of recent media reports, I wanted to provide you with accurate information about contracts at the Department of Health and Human Services. Above all, these contracts are an integral part of our effort to deliver more efficient, effective services to North Carolinians and results to the taxpayers of North Carolina.

As you are no doubt aware, there were incredible deficiencies at the Department when we arrived in January. Many critical leadership positions were vacant and key individuals were within days of retirement. More alarming was that the Department had neither a plan of succession for many top-level, leadership and oversight responsibilities nor a plan to hire, retain and develop leaders to fill these critical positions. This, in a Department that:

  • had no one person in charge of finances, with an $18 billion budget;
  • contained a Medicaid division that had exceeded its budget by $1.4 billion over the previous 3 years;
  • allowed some of the largest IT projects in state history to go woefully over budget and fall behind schedule and did not have in place a Chief Information Officer responsible for their successful launch; and
  • failed to have a means of communicating with all 18,000 employees, as thousands of employees didn’t even have email accounts.

I immediately began assembling a strong leadership team and to bring in experts on contract who are working to fix these deficiencies with a sense of urgency. These experts immediately began analyzing the Department’s organizational structure, financial modeling, and operational efforts with an eye toward pinpointing failures and implementing solutions. Critical to this effort was Joe Hauck.

Joe is an accomplished leader with 35 years of executive management experience across the entire spectrum of business operations and communications disciplines. He provides solid business insight with an ability to ascertain and analyze organizational requirements, forecast goals, streamline operations, and execute new program concepts. Upon arriving at the Department, he immediately conducted an evaluation of the operations of the Department to identify key weaknesses in the existing structure. Additionally, he assisted me in restructuring and recruiting an executive team that will bring long-term efficiency and results to the Department.

Joe also undertook an in-depth examination of financial issues that have historically plagued the Department and has begun implementing corrective actions, already achieving millions in savings without compromising services. He continues to be a strong project manager and assist me with management restructuring efforts. Among his many accomplishments, he:

  • Created a plan to reduce the funds expended on temporary agency workers in our psychiatric facilities by recruiting and retaining more state-employee health care professionals at competitive salaries, which will reduce vacancies in our facilities while improving the care we provide to our most vulnerable patients and is additionally estimated to save the state in excess of $1.25 million annually;
  • Developed a plan to achieve $5 million in savings in payments to non-profits supported by the Department, without reducing services; and
  • Expanded the Office of Internal Audit, allowing the Department to increase and improve its oversight and accountability to reduce waste and responsibly manage the hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts it oversees.

You no doubt recognize several of these efforts, as you gave us approval to execute these plans in your recent budget.

Finally, as I am sure you all have noticed, since taking office, we have placed a renewed emphasis on restoring your trust in the Department. The Department complied with previously-existing policies and procedures in executing these contracts, and as a result of them, all North Carolinians will have a better functioning and more efficient Department of Health and Human Services.

If you would like to discuss any of this information or our initiatives at greater length, please do not hesitate to contact my office. I look forward to continuing to work together to pursue reforms and initiatives that better the Department and the health of all North Carolinians.

Best Regards,
Secretary Wos

Aldona Z. Wos, M.D.
N.C. Department of Health & Human Services


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  • maryfew1 Sep 9, 2013

    Why hasn't she been fired???? DHHS is not her personal fiefdom and NC taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for guards for the DHHS secretary on top of many other things. The whole deal with her husband's employee is so corrupt it makes me physically ill!! I'm a little shocked she signs with an MD. Her training is in WARSAW POLAND!!!! Go to the NC Medical Board and see for yourself. There is absolutely no mention of any training in the US and that is required in order to practice here. I don't know how she has the license to practice without American training. That is quite bizarre. In fact there are many things about this woman that just don't add up when you go below the surface. If the Governor will not get rid of her it is probably time to seek impeachment of the Governor. He certainly doesn't have the interest of the people of this state if he continues to allow this woman to stay in office.

  • michaelacfp Sep 9, 2013

    Nobody responsible for the Finances... What does the Controller in the Controller's Office do? Isn't she responsible for DHHS finances?

  • ILoveDowntownRaleigh Sep 9, 2013

    Questions, Questions...

    Why hasn't McCrory fired Wos yet?

    Wos was telling the media she would work for $1, while she was arranging to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to an unqualified consult employed be her own husband. Did McCrory know about this arrangement before the media broke the news?

    How many other contracts are being secretly paid with my tax money?

    Will McCrory now belatedly promise to use a legal, transparent bidding process in the future, when our state tax money is being doled out, or is this pattern of corruption not even a concern to him?

    Are other donors to 2012 Republican candidates beginning to feel concern for their own integrity and reputations at this point?

  • mrsuthern Sep 9, 2013

    Nothing like a load of politician lies to begin the week. Fire this ***** and get someone in there who isn't about funneling cash to her friends. We have enough politicians like that already.
    Click to view my profile ~SilverWolf

    Are you insisting that there is someone out there that is immune to implied power? Good luck with that!

  • geoherb1 Sep 9, 2013

    Instead of looking at how spending $300,000 can lead to savings of $5 million, I'd rather focus on how giving $6,500 to the right candidate can land me a temporary job that pays $300,000.

  • dwntwnboy2 Sep 9, 2013

    She's doing all she can to grasp at straws to hold on to her politically appointed cushy job- not that I blame her, but we have to go after anyone in government who spends money like this for her friends. She can't hide the truth forever, they are on to her and it's only a matter of time until she steps down or is removed.

  • diana123 Sep 9, 2013

    doesn't matter. gotcha!!!

  • rand321 Sep 9, 2013

    Explain why DHHS is paying twice the rent for the new spacious digs!

  • SilverWolf Sep 9, 2013

    Nothing like a load of politician lies to begin the week. Fire this hosebag and get someone in there who isn't about funneling cash to her friends. We have enough politicians like that already.

  • rebelyell57 Sep 6, 2013

    Well she released her email that floats her boat but still has not released the contract information. She is hiding something. That contract with her husband's friend never should have been approved.