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Developer Asks Garner Residents to Support New High School Site

Posted August 4, 2007

— A developer took his sales pitch for a new high school site directly to the people of Garner.

Drew Schenck sent a letter to residents last week explaining the positives of a 72-acre site near downtown.

Schenck has a tentative deal with the school board, but Garner town leaders said they don't like the site - citing traffic congestion. County commissioners are expected to vote on the land deal Monday.


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  • oceanchild71 Aug 5, 2007

    The only way to keep the developers out is for people to use their own money and buy up land. This is plain and simple. While I don't like watching grassy meadows and cow pastures and wooded areas cut down for cookie-cutter developments, I am hard pressed to tell another individual what to do with his or her own land. Obviously, things like a dump or industry are one thing, but if you want to live in the middle of nowhere without any neighbors, then you need to buy up all the land around you.

    I know of several instances when the neighbors of a piece of land raised he** when the owner wanted to sell to a developer and the planning board squashed the plans based on other people liking someone else's land the way it was. The owner then clearcut the entire acreage (120 or so acres) and took away the forest that the people were trespassing through.

    Be very careful what you fight against because what could be in its place could be ten times worse.

  • kilakila Aug 5, 2007

    Change is coming to the town of Garner and it's the town government who needs to be in charge and make decisions that affect our area. Why isn't the mayor speaking up....I haven't heard or seen any comments...(maybe he has, but I haven't seen anything)....What are the positives and negatives for the "new" high school as opposed to keeping the original right where it is. A new high school in the proposed location will change the dynamics of this town, not to mention the new homes and apartments in the old school area. It means that Garner will require more police and fireman, plus whatever else....do we even have the water resources to support more living space. Oh...what to do...I know not what course others may take, but as for me....keep the developers OUT!!!!!

  • Scarecrow Cow Aug 5, 2007

    And Garner mom, I'll be calling each and every one of those representatives! Thanks for the list!

  • Scarecrow Cow Aug 5, 2007

    If they do build this high school and the Southeast Raleigh housing project students are bussed in, Garner residents can just kiss their property values goodbye.

  • garnermom Aug 5, 2007

    As a Garner resident, I would appreciate if you could call or email your county commissioners and ask them to vote AGAINST this new Garner High School.

    The contact information is below.

    Wake County Board of Commissioners

    District 1
    Joe Bryan
    Wake County: 919-856-5575
    e-mail: joe.bryan@co.wake.nc.us

    District 2
    Lindy Brown
    Wake County: (919) 856-5576
    e-mail: lindy.brown@co.wake.nc.us

    District 3 Tony Gurley - Chair Wake County: 919-856-5579 e-mail: tgurley@gclawnc.com

    District 4 Kenn Gardner Wake County: 919-856-5574 e-mail: citizens4kenn@earthlink.net

    District 5 Harold Webb Wake County: 919-856-5573 e-mail: Harold.Webb@co.wake.nc.usDistrict 6

    Betty Lou Ward Wake County: 919-856-5566

    District 7 Paul Coble - Vice Chair Wake County: (919) 856-5577 e-mail: paul.coble@co.wake.nc.us

  • garnermom Aug 5, 2007

    The developer wants his cash, that's all. Historically, Garner is the dumping spot for South Raleigh students who are poor, and thus, displaced by magnet schools. The solution is NOT to build another high school in Garner, but to build another high school in South Raleigh--where the school is actually needed.

    There are already enough high schools in Garner to support Garner students. I'm tired of shipping students (at taxpayer expense) to faraway schools, when there are perfectly fine schools right here in our district.

    Email your county commissioner and tell them to vote AGAINST this new school plan. High schools should be built where they are needed, not in dangerous areas (near construction sites) that already have enough high schools.

  • DayumKrazy1 Aug 5, 2007

    The developer is doing his job, trying to make a buck haha as someone else said though its up to the county commissioners to decide if he will get the sale he wishes for. He didn't waste his time writing that letter and sending it out for no reason thats for sure. Is main street considered Garner's downtown?

  • poohperson2000 Aug 5, 2007


    It is not a matter of "falling for it". It does not matter if they choose to accept it. If the CC okays it, it will happen.

  • Korthal Aug 5, 2007

    Garner's has a high school. It doesn't need another. The only reason to build another high school in Garner is to make room for more low-income discards from Southeast Raleigh. I don't know why people are intent on making Garner the dumping ground for balancing schools, but I for one hope the Town of Garner continues to refuse to fall for it.

  • ifonly Aug 5, 2007

    Of course it is positive for Drew Schenck, its money in his pocket.