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Detectives follow signal to stolen computer

Posted June 18, 2008

— A Roanoke Rapids man was arrested and charged with felony possession of stolen goods when a stolen laptop was found at his house.

The laptop, which was reported stolen from a school in Gaston, had a locator device that emitted an electronic signal and enabled detectives to track it to an address on Wheeler Street in Roanoke Rapids.

Several people at the residence identified the suspect for Halifax County sheriff's deputies. Travis Julius Hopson was placed under $1,500 bond.


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  • Z Man Jun 19, 2008

    Good story, but a better one would be if he was caught attempting to steal the computer (or better yet... electrocuted attempting to steal the computer). We are applauding a pound of cure where instead we should be concentrating on the ounce of prevention. Who was watching the henhouse? School officials need to be held accountable, like taking theft replacement costs from their paychecks. If they need to install bars on the doors and windows to prevent after hours entry, then do so.

  • softcurls Jun 19, 2008

    There seems to be many products out there to help track a stolen laptop. Hopefully state government (especially our universities and colleges) will start using these tools to recover stolen laptops.



    As these devices become more widely used, I have a feeling that only 'america's dumbest criminals' will be left holding the exploded 'red dye bag'.

  • unc83 Jun 19, 2008

    I hope the next President will address this issue, because this is not fair to the criminals. If something is stolen....please have the integrity to look for it the old fashion way. This tracking device should be outlawed imediately!!!!

    Thanks for your support,
    Prisoner 1324589

  • lizard Jun 19, 2008

    That guy doesn't pay taxes. He has no clue about it.

  • NCSULandscaper Jun 18, 2008

    probably wanted to get back at the local govt officials for that tax increase for the theater, what better way than to steal back from them

  • DontAnnoyMe Jun 18, 2008

    Trivr - this is not standard on all laptops but it is available on some Dells as an option. Search the web for "laptop locator devices"

  • GWALLY Jun 18, 2008

    LoJack !!

  • coolwill Jun 18, 2008

    Now please call the federal government and tell them of this technology oh the state too, because they don’t have a clue. Every time you turn around a lap top is missing with social security numbers and more written to the hard drive.

  • Trivr Jun 18, 2008

    Great story! Imagine his suprise. Do newer computers have this or was it something the school placed? Just bought one and have not heard of this...