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Details emerge about alleged serial robber's past

Posted October 14, 2013
Updated October 15, 2013

— A Raleigh man facing two dozen charges stemming from a series of recent armed robberies that put communities across Wake County on edge once worked for the governor's western residence while on a prison work-release program in 2007 and 2008.

Keith Acree, a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, said Monday that Walter Kevin Johnson worked in landscaping on the property of the North Carolina Governor's Mansion in Asheville while he was serving nine years in prison for armed robbery charges at Buncombe Correctional Center.

Raleigh police and Wake County sheriff's investigators say Johnson, 28, of 6124 Braidwood Court, is suspected in eight armed robberies or attempted robberies from Sept. 22 to Oct. 8 in Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs and Wake Forest in which the victims were robbed at or near their homes.

In several of the cases, Johnson allegedly approached the victims and used a handgun to rob them of money and personal belongings. Authorities say he also forced some of them to drive to ATMs to withdraw cash. In one case, he's accused of threatening to harm a Cary woman's children if she did not leave him $45,000 in cash at a drop-off point.

Johnson was arrested Friday and jailed under a $3.925 million bond – an amount that a District Court judge refused to lower during Johnson's first court appearance Monday afternoon.

Matt Faucette, an attorney for Johnson, said his client waits tables at Washington Duke Inn in Durham and also runs a Web design and development firm, 1855 Media LLC in Raleigh.

The company website, which claims to be a leader in the field of Web development marketing, features a photo that purports to be Johnson receiving an outstanding achievement award on behalf of 1855 Media from former Gov. Mike Easley, Easley's wife and their son.

Easley said Monday that neither he nor former first lady Mary Easley remembers taking the photo and that he can't recall there ever having been an occasion for the photo opportunity. Walter Johnson court appearance Details emerge about alleged serial robber's past

The governor's office also could not find a record of the award, but said the document in the photo appears to be a certificate of appreciation, a document usually mailed to inmates on work-release programs.

The North Carolina Secretary of State's website lists 1855 Media as having been formed June 12, 2013.

Easley was governor from 2001 to 2009.

Johnson was convicted in July 2002 of multiple charges of armed robbery, and spent nine years in prison until he was released in August 2011.

Law enforcement investigators haven't commented on a motive for the alleged crimes, but Johnson's wife said Saturday that the family was struggling financially.

Faucette said clients of Johnson's Web design firm were not paying for services they received.

"He's got a young wife and a 6-week-old little boy," Faucette said. "Definitely, it's a difficult situation for his family."

One local client told WRAL News Monday that the company is not what it appears to be and that a comment claiming to be from the client on the firm’s website praising Johnson's services was false.

The client said it fired Johnson after he sold the company a logo that later was discovered to be used by another local company.

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  • heremeaj Oct 16, 2013

    I have such empathy for the wife. It is hard enough to be a new mother when things are going great, this is just awful. Hope there is some support to help her move on and a way for her to pay her bills. If she turned him in it sounds like she was not involved in the crimes. Must have been a very difficult thing for her to do.

  • golorealist Oct 15, 2013

    "wow" panthersjse

    even more wow:

    ""We'd like to think that we're the kind of people you can come to enjoy spending time with and be trusted to achieve your business objectives. As is always said, "If you can't trust someone enough to go into battle with them, then don't do business with them.""

    talk about trust...

  • JamesEvans Oct 15, 2013

    "Infrastructure features include:
    Business offices all over the world. We have an office in just about every major city and even in Europe, France, Egypt, Portugal, and more, all across the globe. Contact us today!
    WIN NT servers and all workstations with latest Pentium machines having 512+ MB RAM and Gigabit Ethernet connection."


  • golorealist Oct 15, 2013

    looks like the wife is the one that turned him in. good for her. i kind of figured she may have been involved.

  • OpinionatedMama Oct 15, 2013

    Hope he gets more prison time & stays longer this time!

  • so you dont like my opinion ok Oct 15, 2013

    He has got serious issues... Get him off the street for a long time, sorry for his wife IF she didn't know what he was doing, so sorry for the innocent child..

  • Obamacare is here Oct 15, 2013

    "where did you get the picture of the 'easley' connection? I see it go by in a video, is all."

    Copy and paste link in your browser....enjoy. :)


  • one_nc_citizen Oct 15, 2013


    good catch. Apparently he hired webontogeny.com to do his website, although most of their site is down right now.


    If only he put this much effort into something legitimate.

  • golorealist Oct 15, 2013

    re: whether or not the photo is a fraud...the answer is obvious. mike easley was no longer in office when walter johnson got out of prison and started 1855media.com. easley's last day as governor was 1/10/2009. walter johnson got out of prison on 8/2/2011 and started 1855media.com sometime after that.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 15, 2013

    @DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT, I was wondering how so many self-professed “do-unto-others” people could be so cruel and uncaring to so many women, children, minorities, the poor, the planet, other religions, other countries, etc.

    It starts here...with society’s most desperate...with our worst offenders.

    You stop looking and listening.

    You stop caring.

    You ignore "uncomfortable" data, because you might actually learn something...and...(gasp)...change your mind.

    Imagine that this (undisputed bad) guy has the IQ of a child. ...or that his parents were dirt poor drug addicts who mentally & physically abused him from birth to 16. ...that his child was deathly sick with no money to cure her.

    IMO, those items *might* make a difference. YMMV