Despite USDA threat, NC food stamps backlog got worse

Posted January 10, 2014

— The state Department of Health and Human Services acknowledged Friday afternoon that its problematic food stamps system is not improving, despite assurances to federal officials that it was taking steps to fix the massive backlog of overdue cases.

Data released by DHHS to WRAL News show that, as of Dec. 31, more than 30,000 North Carolina families waited for longer than a month to receive food stamps benefits through the state's new NC FAST system, which was designed to streamline the delivery of public assistance. More than 9,200 of those families waited three months or more.

This outpaces a U.S. Department of Agriculture estimate based on mid-November data that found 20,000 households were experiencing significant food stamps delays. On Dec. 11, the USDA warned it may soon withdraw federal funding from the food stamps program over the state's failure to comply with federal requirements.

More waiting

Data released Friday by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services show that wait times for food stamp cases in North Carolina - both applications and recertifications - have gotten worse, not better.

Cases as of
Nov. 18
Cases as of
Dec. 31
Source: DHHS

*As of Friday afternoon, DHHS had discovered 2,300 duplicate cases among those that had waited longer than 120 days.

"These delays are completely unacceptable and a serious failure on the part of North Carolina," USDA Regional Administrator Donald Arnette wrote. "We have grave concern for the low-income people of North Carolina who are waiting for assistance."

In her response to the USDA on Dec. 23, DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos said her department understood the urgency of the problem and "was already taking steps to address these concerns." Those steps included more on-site support and a "SWAT team" tapped by DHHS to help counties that were running behind.

But on Friday, DHHS spokeswoman Julie Henry acknowledged the increased number of overdue cases, thousands of which have been pending for more than four months (Friday afternoon, Henry said the NC FAST team had discovered 2,300 duplicates among cases that had been pending for more than 120 days).

"It's not getting better," Henry said. "We recognize it's not improving. That's why we are continuing to work with our county partners to offer some kind of relief so they can get these cases processed."

Henry's statement runs contrary to comments Wos and her deputies have made about NC FAST in legislative oversight meetings and media interviews in the past few months.

"We are in a very good place right now with that," Wos told WRAL News on Nov. 7. "We have worked collaboratively with our 100 counties in an unprecedented way for the state."

Henry said Wos' statement was referencing the improvements in NC FAST since an update in July that drastically slowed production for county health departments keying in food stamps cases. A WRAL News report in December found DHHS officials downplayed those technical problems to the frustration of county workers, who eventually discovered on their own that a compatibility issue with the Internet Explorer browser was to blame.

Henry also said the department is working hard to meet the federal requirements mandated by the USDA, aiming for key fixes by March.

Read the documents

Correspondence between N.C. DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos and U.S. Department of Agriculture Regional Administrator Donald Arnette between Sept. 4 and Dec. 23 detail areas that required "urgent attention from the state."

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed a growing frustration with DHHS leadership, which has been dogged for months by questions over political hires, controversial contracts and technology problems.

Sen. Jeff Tarte, R-Mecklenburg, a member of the legislative committee that oversees information technology, said Thursday that he was surprised by news that the USDA had threatened the department with the suspension of administrative funding.

"I was under the impression that it had stabilized and things were getting on track," Tarte said. "That's just embarrassing at a minimum. This is one we need to jump on."

But Henry said DHHS has made information on the performance of NC FAST "readily available" on a regular basis to lawmakers and the public and that they "can look at the numbers to see how things are going."

"Have we been honest? The answer is yes," Henry said.

Several state Democratic legislators disagree.

On Friday, members of the Legislative Black Caucus called on Gov. Pat McCrory to replace Wos and "stop the bleed on the poorest and the neediest people here in our community."

It was a move McCrory aides dismissed, referencing the department's continuing efforts to improve the food stamp system.

"The governor has confidence that Secretary Wos and her team are working hard to ensure that those who need benefits receive benefits. Another gimmicky press scheme from the extreme left won’t help solve the problem," McCrory spokesman Ryan Tronovitch said in an email to WRAL News. "Gov. McCrory embraces solutions, not gimmicks.”


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  • LuvLivingInCary Jan 13, 2014

    Can someone just get fired for not doing their jobs???? PLEASE???

  • LetsBeFair Jan 13, 2014

    the only power the government has is the power you gave it.

  • LetsBeFair Jan 13, 2014

    This is what happens when Democrats leave office ... they claim they got things going in the right direction by accepting the lowest bidder on the most important project, take credit, then leave.

  • ncflynhi2 Jan 13, 2014

    The sad thing about this and what a lot of people don't know is that Wake County is getting ready to hard launch NC FAST for Medicaid in the middle of February. This program has been hard launched in a few smaller counties already and it has been a nightmare. So there will now be Medicaid and Food Stamp recipients that will be affected by this. The state is no longer writing and faxing problem solving techniques to case managers in counties. You now have to call them after spending hours on a case that will not go through, spend anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour getting a person to tell you how to get the application through and the worker is then asked to spread the word to co-workers. The reason for this is if there are no emails and directions in writing the state can then say we were not aware of the problems because nothing is in writing therefore the state can turn around and blame it on the counties. Investigation into the state actions really need to be taken!!

  • MadMaxx Jan 13, 2014

    Get the company that set up Obamacare to fix it, they have a great track record of IT

  • rlsmith5 Jan 13, 2014

    Why doesn't he hire some of the unemployed to replace those he has appointed that can't get the job done?

  • rlsmith5 Jan 13, 2014

    We need a Governor who can stay in the kitchen and face the heat, not one that will not PUBLICLY address his mistakes by poor hiring. If he had to wait 5 months for food stamps he would be a very unhappy camper. He needs to step to the plate and admit his administration needs new people who know what to do. He should take charge, not pass the buck.

  • andela Jan 13, 2014

    Wos needs to go! The DHHS has been messed up since she got here! Enough Already!

  • Honesty first Jan 13, 2014

    WOS needs to go. If not, there needs to be a way to impeach McCrory for his poor decision to keep her. If she really cared, she would resign.

  • 42_wral_mods_suck_i'm_gone Jan 13, 2014

    The McCrory Administration is BROKEN.