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Despite court order, gunfire still sounds at Harnett shooting range

Posted April 18, 2014
Updated April 21, 2014

— Although a Superior Court judge ruled last month that a Harnett County shooting range violates local zoning rules, gunfire continues to sound there, much to the dismay of nearby residents who have fought to close the site for years.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang from early morning till late at night," said Lynwood Hare, who lives about a quarter-mile "as the bullet flies" from Drake Landing.

Hare is among the residents along Chalybeate Springs Road who have fought against Drake Landing and won the latest battle – but still may lose the war.

In a move that would put an end to the target practice, Judge Winston Gilchrist ruled last month that Drake Landing doesn't qualify for an agritourism exemption from local zoning rules. But Gilchrist referred the matter back to Harnett County's Board of Adjustment, which granted the exemption last year after months of debate.

John Bryant, an attorney for the shooting range, said Friday that Drake Landing owner Dan Andrews plans to apply for a conditional-use permit. If approved, such a permit would allow the facility to circumvent zoning regulations.

Andrews said he recently closed the rifle range, which is considered the loudest element of Drake Landing's offerings, as a concession to his neighbors.

Hare said the gunfire is "not as bad as it has been," but he said his concerns go beyond noise, noting that a nearby home has been hit several times.

He said he thought Drake Landing would have been silenced by now, and he plans to pray through Easter weekend in hopes that it soon will be.

"I was raised in a Christian home," he said. "I know the Lord's answered prayers."


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  • Jim Wooten Apr 22, 2014
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    One last thing. Did you notice the comment "bang, bang, bang from early morning til late at night" ?

    Exactly how can that be when Drake Landing is only open from 9 AM til 6 PM?

    Is 9 AM early in the morning? Is 6 PM late at night?

  • veryfrustrated1 Apr 21, 2014

    View quoted thread

    What specific rights are you referring to?

  • surfermom Apr 21, 2014

    the main person complaining told people at one of the hearings last year, that his REAL problem is that he owns land close to Drake Landing and is having trouble selling it - heard it with my own ears

  • livinonfaith Apr 21, 2014

    Ive been to Drakes Landing a couple of times to shoot the skeet course and members of my family have used the pistol range, as well. The way those are situated, I don't see how there could be any problem. I do think it is harder with rifles, and removing them was probably a sound move.

    What is not mentioned is that there are hunters and back yard shooters in the area, as well. All of the noise (and bullets) are not from the range. I've heard people complain about noise that they think must be coming from the range, only to find out that they live way too far away to be impacted. They hear the regular hunters doing their thing and assume it's Drakes because they've heard so much about it! lol

  • bowens44 Apr 21, 2014

    Funny how the gun lovers always believe that their rights trump their neighbors rights. In a civilized nation this would not be allowed.

  • Rollen Stewart Apr 21, 2014

    I moved near the airport and I don't like the noise. Hopefully they will shut down the airport.

  • Jim Wooten Apr 21, 2014
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    I live within 3 miles of Drake Landing and have been there. Obviously not too many who comment here know what they are talking about.

    An indoor range for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting clays? Really?.....

    No mention here that it was never shown that any bullets that hit houses even came from Drake Landing, even though the Sheriff investigated each one. Some of the reports were from houses that weren't even remotely in line with any range at Drake Landing.

    Drake Landing has range officers and safety officers deployed all over the place. Many are ex-military and/or law enforcement. It is a VERY safe place for shooting sports.

  • btneast Apr 21, 2014

    [bIf the range cannot operate safely, and bullets are hitting homes why on earth have they not been shut down?][/b]

    Maybe it's because they are in fact operating safely, and that there is no proof that any projectile from this facility has struck any house? Read the post below from Veryfrustrated as to the near impossibility that this claim is true.

  • btneast Apr 21, 2014

    [bThe fact that bullets have hit nearby homes should be enough. I am all for protecting a business right to operate, and for 2nd amendment, etc. But apparently this place is NOT safe][/b] Where did you ever get that it was a "fact" that bullets from Drake's Landing hit any house? A claim has been made, but as you can see from a poster further down, it is nearly physically impossible for this to have happened...as claimed. Do you always take what you hear or see on the news as "fact"?

  • veryfrustrated1 Apr 21, 2014

    I live adjacent to Drake Landing and have found them to be a good neighbor, respectful of the community. I am also well acquainted with the 1 person in the greater overall neighborhood that had 2 bullets impact his house and I have visited at this home. The property is not adjacent to Drake Landing and the home is well surrounded and concealed by woods well offline from the rifle range. The laws of physics and basic ballistics do not support that the 2 bullets came from the rifle range. The only thing that even remotely connects the bullets that hit the home to the range is that they impacted on the side of the house that faces the general direction of Drake Landing.

    This is a political issue and those that would like to do away with gun rights will use any means at their disposal. It is a shame that facts apparently do not outweigh political correctness.