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Deputies stun student in Fayetteville to end dispute

Posted February 25, 2009

— Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies said they used a stun gun to subdue an E.E. Smith High School student Tuesday after he assaulted an assistant principal and a school resource officer.

Furman Lemule Evans, 19, of 2067 Corrina St. in Fayetteville, was charged with two counts of assault on government officials.

Deputies said Evans became upset when a principal tried to remove his girlfriend, who had been involved in the fight, from the cafeteria.

Evans was taken to the Cumberland County Detention Center.


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  • 1UNC Feb 25, 2009

    It seems to me the first question should be why was this kid assaulting a school official in the first place. If he has no respect for the teachers and principals then he does not need to be there. The taser was used after a warning. The officer was not injured as he could have been if he had to wrestle with the kid to get him into custody. This was the best way to stop the attack. I bet the next time a taser is pointed at this kid he will remember the last time one was pointed in his direction. I wonder if the members of the ACLU would rather jump on some kid and wrestle him to the ground or pull the trigger of a taser and watch the kid go to his knees so they could place him into custody. I also wonder if they would be upset if they were getting their a-- beat and an officer used the taser to save them. Maybe they would like it then.

  • familyfour Feb 25, 2009

    Teachers need tasers, too :)

  • jackadoo Feb 25, 2009

    wonder why wral has not posted his pic, surely it is somewhere in a yearbook. Anyone that assaults a LEO, needs to serve time.

  • 19tarheel75 Feb 25, 2009

    Good job Cumberland Co. S. O. Swift and sure punishment and a few more of those and maybe there would less trouble in the schools. Make examples of the trouble makers and get them out of the public school systems!

  • mjones3 Feb 25, 2009

    You all are making a lot of assumptions about this guy. Just because he is now 19 doesn't mean he is too old for HS. My son has a late birthday (December) and will be 18 half way through his senior year. If your child does start kindergarten until 6 years old, they may very well turn 19 the 2nd half of their senior year.

  • bigmelons2004 Feb 25, 2009

    Was he a special needs child? They go to school until they are 21.

  • mfalesana Feb 25, 2009

    "19 year old grown man in high school!!! Just think about that for awhile."

    That's exactly what I was thinking as I read the story. I bet he was a real "achiever"

  • whiffleball Feb 25, 2009

    Firefox--ROFL!! What's 2009 minus 1995? I might be living in the past, but I can subtract accurately. As for visiting EE Smith; I'll pass. I can visit a substandard school without leaving Durham.

  • bill0 Feb 25, 2009

    Firefox 384 - "Seems you are living in the past. 1995 is 8 years ago..." - the finest in public school math eduction on full display.

  • Firefox 384 Feb 25, 2009

    Wiffleball, When was the last time you were in or at EE Smith High School. Seems you are living in the past. 1995 is 8 years ago... Please comment on the facts not the PAST....
    I have friends that work there and they would like you to visit and see for yourself the school, grounds, students that ARE there...