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Deputies seize moonshine from Wayne County home

Posted April 6, 2009

— Wayne County sheriff's deputies cited a Dudley man Saturday for possession and sales of alcohol without a permit.

Deputies seized 20 cases of beer, seven gallons of corn liquor, 16 pints of corn liquor, 2 shotguns and a .32 caliber revolver from the home of Johnnie Lee Jones, 70, of 104 Timothy St.


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  • gordonfan1 Apr 7, 2009

    If you got the whole story you would know that they got a call of shots fired and that is how they found all this stuff. That is why they got the guns...some idiot gets drunk and goes out shooting in the neighborhood. Who cares if he is 70 or 30....I am glad to know that MY kids can't go buy illegal alcohol from him and now noone else can and then get on the road.
    You guys really should get a life!!

  • icdumbpeople Apr 6, 2009

    Good Granny!! Tax payers money gone to waste..

  • luvbailey Apr 6, 2009

    "And there was thunder, thunder, over Thunder Road,
    Thunder was his engine and white lightin' was his load,
    And there was moonshine, moonshine, quence the devil's thirst
    The law they swore they'd get them him, but the devil got him first."

    I guess in this case the law did get him first!

  • 3779LRRP Apr 6, 2009

    I would be embarrassed to pose behind a few cases of beer and some home brew. Not really a claim to fame. Go after the real criminals. LEO's probably have more serious "illegal" stuff going on in that county than this old gentleman.

  • imacoppiceman Apr 6, 2009

    I know that I'll sleep better tonight knowing this criminal is locked safely away....and my profession, I'm a COP! what a waste of resources.. Go out and bust some crack dealers who are hooking our youth instead of some 70 year old who is no more criminal than your average traffic infraction....

  • colliedave Apr 6, 2009

    maybe he was just creating some fuel for his cars

  • ruthpauly Apr 6, 2009

    Oh and as far as being not legal so is speeding and rolling through a stop sign "LEEBMAD" I am sure you have done none of these things!

  • ruthpauly Apr 6, 2009

    How about we track down the child porn rings and ease off the folks doing what they have done for 250 years with very litte if no bad effects at all!

  • MommyGoZoom Apr 6, 2009

    "WOW! I feel much safer now."

    If you were a resident of this rural and rather impoverished neighborhood, you jprobably would. Who do you think this man sold alcohol to? People who can't get it the right way - underaged drinkers and people who've lost their license and have no way to the liquor or convenience store - are the patrons of these "liquor houses". Are you folks suggesting that because this man is 70, or that he paid tax on his beer, or that it's legal to distill x amount of liquor each year, that it's okay for him to sell it without a license? I bet none of you would want him doing this in YOUR neighborhoods.

    And what do meth labs have to do this? Wayne Co. law enforcement can handle more than one crime at a time.

    No, this isn't the biggest or most newsworthy story, but that doesn't mean that it isn't important to this community.

  • ECO Apr 6, 2009

    This is such a joke !!!! If they would have found just a little weed with this bust they could be big time... I know there is bigger crimes for them to go after than this...