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Deputies: Man assaulted girlfriend, tried to kill dogs

Posted January 8, 2010

— Chatham County deputies have arrested a man they say assaulted his girlfriend, shot at her house, tried to kill her dogs and stole her car.

Investigators said that William Tucker, 25, went to Elaine Gregg's home in a part of Apex that lies in Chatham County on Dec. 20, 2009. He assaulted her and shot up her house after the altercation, authorities said.

Investigators said Tucker also tried to shoot her dogs, but failed and sustained minor injuries in the attempt. The dogs weren't harmed.

He fled in Gregg's car before deputies arrived, authorities said.

Sgt. Mike Copeland arrested Tucker, of 1109 Tallyho Trail in Carrboro, on Wednesday on charges of assault on a female, felony cruelty to animals, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, injury to personal property, injury to real property and interfering with emergency communications.

Tucker was placed in jail under a $10,000 secured bond. His first court appearance was set for Jan. 25.


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  • angiec919 Jan 8, 2010

    He needs to sit in jail. Why would you want to hurt an animal. That is very cruel. MEAN, MEAN, and Mean.

  • ncguy Jan 8, 2010

    see what you women drive us too! LOL!

  • donnied1952 Jan 8, 2010

    With a 10K bond he got out for posting 1K so by today he back over in Apex making her life miserable again.
    Don't be surpised if we hear about another missing or dead girl at the hands of her boyfriend.

    He must have done some sweet talking to the judge that set his bond. Or since he's from Carrboro, maybe an affluent family.

  • devilblue Jan 8, 2010

    Dead Man Walking IMO!!! If he did that to me and my dogs he would be dead!!!!

  • concerncitizen Jan 8, 2010

    garnertoy, Yeah, assaults on a women ain't that high on the list of things to do!

  • genie2u Jan 8, 2010

    10000? What that is absurd. Shooting up her house if she was in it is attempted murder!!! Not too mention even if she wasn't it shows he is truly a threat and he assaulted her. Come on, Who keeps electing these district court judges and appointing these superior court judges.

    We deserve better. For all of you that live in Chatham ( I use to work in the court system there) Make sure when election time comes around you remember this. I will find out who set the bond and post it because He shouldn't be voted back in and if he was appointed I will write the Governor because this is ridiculous

  • Adelinthe Jan 8, 2010

    "Tucker was placed in jail under a $10,000 secured bond."

    That bond is ludicrous.

    The guy used a gun to shoot up the house. In my opinion, because the girlfriend was in the house, that's attempted murder and the bond should be astronomical for that.

    Thank God the girl and her dogs are ok. I hope that $10,000 disuades him from going near her or her home again, but it's so paltry, it probably won't.

    What a cave man. sheesh

    No wonder she broke up with him.

    God bless.


  • grenlyn1 Jan 8, 2010

    And what's up with the mediocre $10,000 bail? They giving him an opportunity to finish what he started? Geez

  • grenlyn1 Jan 8, 2010

    You know he had a gun...shot up the house....and it sounds like to me that the charges against the dogs was a more severe charge. Why didn't they get him with attempted murder? He was armed and firing the weapon inside of the house. It's great he didn't kill her or the dogs but come'on folks...HE WAS FREAKEN ARMED AND DANGEROUS!!!

  • didyouknow... Jan 8, 2010

    they charged him with animal cruelty because there are no laws for assaulting an animal - thank goodness they could make it a felony charge...his bail should have been $1m for all those charges