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Deputies: Drunken Fayetteville woman left child in road to fight

Posted April 2, 2012

— Deputies arrested a Fayetteville woman Friday who is accused of leaving a child in the middle of a road while she had a drunken argument with passing bicyclists.

Briggnette Lynette McDonald, of 2925 Singletree Lane, was charged with child abuse and drunk and disorderly conduct.

The 52-year-old was walking in the middle of Crystal Springs Road, pushing a 2-year-old child in a stroller, authorities said, when she started arguing with passing bicyclists. Authorities say she left the child in the middle of the road in the stroller while she yelled at the bicyclists.

McDonald was released from the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $1,000 secured bond. Additional charges might be forthcoming, authorities said.


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  • InspireMe Apr 4, 2012

    My question is where was her mother?????

  • bailey109 Apr 2, 2012

    My thoughts: The child's mother has to work to support this child. Probably cannot afford day care, so she left the child with a relative who then proceeded to get drunk. Life is very hard for people who live in poverty, a little compasion goes a long way. The last thing this parent needs is the justice system charging her ridiculous amounts of money not to mention lost work and wages. The real story here is how do we fix it for single mom's who struggle every day? Not only financially but with decisions that most times are not in anyone's best interest, but last resorts.

  • Statick Apr 2, 2012


  • Coach K is still GREAT Apr 2, 2012

    What bother me is the fact that the was caring for this child, but yet intoxicated...

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Apr 2, 2012

    WoW... What a mess> *SMH*

  • mojo nailing rb Apr 2, 2012

    She was all up in it and then some.

  • kikinc Apr 2, 2012

    Keeping it classy.

  • djofraleigh Apr 2, 2012

    Who's to blame? The mother of the child had know the condition of the lady when the child was left with her.

  • sunshine1040 Apr 2, 2012

    I do not know whose child was in stroller but if not this womans why are they not beig charged with leaving a child in an unsafe enviroment. It it is the 52 year old womans child please make sure she cannot have any more children or any left in her care

  • awomnsptofview Apr 2, 2012

    Outside of God's deliverance, there is No hope for this woman. The mother that LEFT her child in this woman's care is the one who needs parenting counseling and training. One day a young person will look back at this story and say "She used to baby sit me. Aint she cool? " Sad Sad Sad.