DENR identifies a third problem in Duke coal ash pond

Posted February 14, 2014
Updated February 16, 2014

— The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has asked Duke Energy for assurances that a second pipe leak beneath a coal ash pond at its retired Dan River Steam Station near Eden will not result in additional discharges into the nearby river.

Duke Energy first discovered a spill from the pond  on Feb. 2. On Thursday, part of the system put in place to remediate the spill and divert wastewater away from the pond was found to be faulty.

On Friday, DENR issued a news release about a second pipe under the pond that is leaking. 

The state has given Duke 10 days to put together a plan to keep that second leak from matching the first.

“We’re concerned about the leaks we see in the 36-inch pipe and want to prevent a second pipe failure,” said Tracy Davis, director of the state Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources. 


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  • Michael Hart Feb 18, 2014
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    Maybe Alice you should ask Mr. Pope , Tillis and McCrory that question seeing that they gave no recourse for citizens after their water is contaminated

  • borealbob1952 Feb 18, 2014

    seek and yee shall find----- and the Gov. will probably fire you for exposing the TRUTH.

  • Kenny Dunn Feb 17, 2014
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    And we expect the DENR will do a good job protecting the ground water when fracking starts? Once our ground water is contaminated it's a one way street.

  • Michael Hart Feb 17, 2014
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    nicely done Sir!

  • KnowsItAll Feb 17, 2014

    This just in: chemical analysis of the polluted water has confirmed the identity of the 3rd problem. Apparently it's a very noxious synthetic molecule known as the Skvarla/McCrory/Pope isotope.

    It can't be filtered out by conventional means, but can only be removed by voters.

    The public is advised to avoid all contact with the contaminant. If you do come in contact with the Skvala/McCrory/Pope isotope, go immediately to an emergency room and have the affected skin or appendage removed immediately.

  • dwr1964 Feb 17, 2014

    Get ready for your electric bill to go up. DE is going to have to spend millions, maybe tens of millions, to fix these broken and leaking pipes. I would hope that the feds will not allow another rate hike, just to cover THEIR losses in this. If we the people get screwed in this whole thing, how does that punish DE for their misconduct?

  • msha Feb 17, 2014

    They are doing all they can to fix the problem. Have you not ever had an unexpected leak? Bet you will complain even more when you don't have Power.

  • Jeremy Gilchrist Feb 17, 2014
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    Where were they before? Oh right, I forgot we now have the fox guarding the hen house with Skvarla at the helm of DENR.

  • oakcity Feb 17, 2014

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    Thats why Art Pope and Pat's other corporate handlers put him out front. While I don't really care for the governor at all, ole Pats going to be made the scapegoat in all of this.

  • Jackson Smith Feb 17, 2014
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    And Pat says he is cleaning up the Air, water and Land. Oh that's right, except when it comes to Duke Power/Energy